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Nyx's "Mind Freak" augment damage effect not shown in HUD


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Nyx's [1] "Mind Control" has a built in "increase controlled enemy damage"-effect where the damage done to the enemy within 4 seconds after cast will increase the enemy damage output. The increased damage is shown in the HUD as a percentage + an icon.

"Mind Freak", the augment for Nyx's [1] ability increases enemy damage output with +500% (at 100% ability strength, it increases with increased strength). However, this effect is not included in the percentage shown in the HUD. Which is a bit dumb, as having the augment equipped and mind controlling an enemy actually shows a wrong percentage.

I don't think this should called a bug (it isn't), but it would be a lot more helpful if the actual real damage increase was shown, not only the part (percentage) resulting from damaging the enemy during 4 seconds after cast.

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