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Use for LICHS idea


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So i had a GREAT idea yesterday, A friend and I were talking about some things we liked and didn't, and i brought up the lichs and how taking their weapon is the only real option, since the other is so useless. And then I thought about it, why don't they make the lichs into a specter like we have for our frames and for the corrupted soldiers, ospreys, and Clem ETC. It would make them a lot more of an effective tool / weapon and also make the choice of what to do with / to your Lich a bit harder. Plus it would make them not seem like such a waste of time,  cause when they help you out now is useless and its not even that much of something id call "help", more like a distraction lol. Not like using Wisp or Nova or many others as specters. They make amazingly powerful specters.  Also it would make all those people who did choose to enslave one only to be disappointed with the result a LOT more happy that they can do more with their choice with that little addition... :wink:

on a side note maybe they could instead be turned into a playable frame since they have frame like abilities and such, but with only that weapon or something, OHH or maybe with a random kuva weapon or just a random any weapon every time you load in with that lich frame, kind of thing?? something like that but if not a changing random weapon then maybe just not with the Kuva weapon they had when you fought them cause that would be essentially like getting both things instead of having to choose between them when you defeat them. So IDK but the ideas are there lol. what do you guys think about these ideas? And anyone have any other ideas to add to that?..... :thumbup:

Honestly I have ideas pouring out of my head right now, I think I am going to go write some of these down in case these ideas are met with positive approval, maybe ill unload some of these others I'm having on you guys :D

PS: sorry for the long msg, once i get going i have a hard time stopping lol, could have been a LOT longer 🤪

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