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Bronies, My Little Pony Fans, Cloudsdale.


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If you are not one of the people listed on the title, this thread is not for you. (you can still join, just keep the troll down :T)


Have you ever heard of Cloudsdale?

It's a chat site for mlp enthusiasts to come find chats! (chatrooms are called clouds)

I'm not here to advertize it, though.


Here to share a link to a Warframe cloud me and a bud are trying to start for bronies on Warframe to get to meet and have silly chats.



http://www.cloudsdale.org/clouds/warframe'>Warframe Cloud on Cloudsdale <- click to go!

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grow up

I will. Thanks for the advice.





-cleans up-

Do you need anything else done for you? xD




how are we supposed to control our pituitary gland lol

Anyways, joined the cloud. I was a regular cloudsdaler.

It's growing. SLOWLY. growing.

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This turns me on more than I can express.

Why I do say old chap!


Interesting I must take this observation down!


Brownies or how the natives call themselves bronies seem to get turned on by mere words! 

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