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Let our sentinels roam free in our Orbiter.


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Let all the Sentinels we own roam and interact together.

Some examples could include: 

Hellios- floats around scanning random things

Carrier- Roomba cosplay 

Wyrm- lounging on random things

Dirgia- teasing your kubrow/kavat

Taxon- fidget spinning 

Deth cube- making random pew pew sounds

Djinn- hanging out in the nidus room, lounging in the hemilith chair randomly. 

Shade- acts shy, hides in random places around our Orbiter/Liset, plays peek a boo.

Would make our Orbiters/ Liset feel more alive. 

Thank you. 


Helios: Soo curious, he just observes things and scans around.

Carrier: If not found in the biggest pile of decoration on your ship it moves around small size decorations on the ship to his randomly choosen lair.

Wyrm: Runs combat simulations with the othet half of Ordis. Randomly shots at decorations.

Diriga: Floats around aimlessly, uses laser pointer to mess with your other pets.

Taxon: She follows another sentinel, it seems like she want to learn from them.

Deth cube: You dont know where he is but the orbiter radio pick up distress calls from flagships about a floating machine massacring their crew.

Djinn: Hes either chilling with Helmith or hes swimming in the fish tanks. You dont know how he got into them.

Shade: Shes perma cloaked and you only spot her if you look directly at her or when you notice that Taxon follows the air half-cloaked.

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I like it, would make the orbiter feel a bit more interactive. Giving them unique personalities would be fun too. Kubrows get to wander around so Moas and sentinels wandering would make sense too. I could only see an issue being if you have too many so your orbiter is a bit noisier and busy with all of them. Would be better than the usual empty orbiter though. 

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