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A Good Vauban Prime



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4 hours ago, (PS4)l-p4p-I said:

If u are looking for a vauban build, check Rahetalius builds instead of Brozime, as he thinks Vauban isn't a good frame at all.

U know, Rahetalius knows a lot more about vauban and everything that can help to max his potential.

at the end of the day, this is just two dudes with two opinions with the difference that they have a platform to showcase it. one of them with slight mental problems, imho.


OP - I built umbral with some pwr strength, added efficiency and range and that should leave you with 60-70% duration, 10s on bastille seems short but it isnt, 10s will completely strip armor and allow you to deploy it tactically to prepare the room/area for cleaning up. flechette orb is v good, you can build around this and/or tesla bank augment (only good for no armor mob, or when everyone is wearing CP which is a roulette). 

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