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Deluxe Concept - "Limbo Geryon"


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I'm an unapologetic Limbo fan and had an idea for a skin that I felt would be appropriate to share here - "Limbo Geryon", a reinterpretation of the concept of the frame and its ability to "walk between worlds":

General rough:


Second rough:


The underlying themes are "death and transportation" - ravens, coach / chariot driving, and the mythic entity Geryon of Dante's Divine Comedy.

Ravens are associated with death or heralding the death of a hero. Coaches and chariots are an aged means to transport people from place-to-place. Geryon is a chimeric figure with the body of a wyvern, claws of a lion, stinger of a scorpion, and the face of an "honest" man, who ferries Dante and Virgil from the ring of Violence to Fraud.

I used these themes because they felt... appropriate for Limbo for a few reasons, one major reason being that most players absolutely hate this Warframe, either because they don't know how to use him, don't know he's been reworked, or have run into bad or trollish Limbo users. Regardless of the reason, Limbo is not very popular, making him something of a pariah in the average arsenal. Second, Limbo can "take" or "send" players places they would really rather not go (ie: the Rift), and any enemies sent into the Rift are generally forced there to die at the will of the Limbo player. Third, Limbo is part magician, and magicians are illusionists - able to fool a viewer with tricks and glamour. To some people this is fraudulent activity since, after all, "magic doesn't exist".

The skin itself would sport iridescence along the exterior of the coat tails, similar to but not as bright as that of a magpie, with some iridescence along the sleeves above the cuffs. Metals would be dulled, but not weathered. Emissives would glow brightly and trail energy while Limbo is in the Rift, the head and chest especially, both to give an otherworldly flare, and as a secondary indicator that the user is in the Rift (something I continue to have problems with being able to tell despite being an avid Limbo user).


I originally shared this concept on my Twitter, hence the Twitter watermark. The original Tweet is here:

This was about a day-and-a-half's work or so. It doesn't really "change" Limbo's overall design all that much, mostly because I find Limbo's base design to be very aesthetically attractive on its own. While it will never be "finished" as a skin specifically, I hope it's an entertaining idea.

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