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Kuva Lich shotgun weapon falloff vastly exceeding lower-limit cap present on standard weaponry


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The lower-limit cap for damage falloff (most prominently on non-projectile Shotguns) is generally, at worst, ~30% of the weapon's base damage - with the exception of beam and limited-lifespan projectiles which have a natural hard range limitation.


However, the Kuva Lich weapons, namely the Brakk from my own testing and Kohm judging by this thread, fall off to a far lower proportion - some 5 to 6% of base damage - which renders the weapon practically nonfunctional beyond its optimum engagement range in comparison.

This could be an under-the-hood tech problem similar to the initial issues of the Explosive-type Lich weapons not accurately calculating their proportional damage (and bonus) until hotfixed accordingly.


Reproduction of issue:

  1. Use non-Kuva Lich shotgun with damage falloff (especially base variant Kohm or Brakk for comparison)
  2. Spawn Nullifiers with paused AI in Simulacrum to provide a static object-health target (prevent damage types and criticals from confusing results)
  3. At the spawn console, shoot into the Nullifier bubbles at full range, note maximum-falloff damage value per pellet.
  4. Approach Nullifiers and shoot Nullifier bubble at point-blank range, note zero-falloff damage value per pellet.
  5. Compare values noted from steps 3 and 4 to ascertain capped falloff damage proportion as compared to base weapon damage.
  6. Kill Nullifiers with spawn-console as the paused AI will have removed null-bubble targets.
  7. Use Kuva Lich hitscan shotgun (Kuva Kohm, Kuva Brakk) and repeat steps 2-5.
  8. Observe excessive disparity between proportion values calculated on step 5 for standard shotgun versus Kuva variant.

Suggested solution:

  • Investigate and fix erroneous calculation, bringing falloff cap of Kuva variant shotguns in line with, or superior to, that of their base counterparts (and similar such weaponry).
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