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Proposed (Small) Dojo Changes


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Since the addition of the dry-dock, I have been arguing with myself about whether or not i should change my entire Dojo, or just make do with the ample room I have. 

Naturally the second option was far too easy a solution and I am going with the first. 


DE, my first of three simple changes involves this: Give me a button that collapses my entire Dojo, sends all the resources to the clan vault, and leaves me with nothing but the initial starting hall. No more need to go back on myself! (Alternatively, if a room is queued for destruction, let us delete any adjacent rooms next too it to save time.)

My second proposed change: Remove the need to build 'prerequisite' halls. The amount of dead-space (And subsequently energy cost) means that my Dojo is far too big for folk like lil' ol' me who doesn't have any friends to rattle around in it with. 

My third is less of a suggestion and more of a braizen question - Why does the enormous dry dock, and my itty-bitty corridors both cost one forma? I haven't worked this hard to get golden jigsaw pieces since Banjo and Kazooie came out on the N64. Aren't there any other resources, Nitain (Cough) Argon Crystals (Cough Cough) or the pre-established useful-in-spaceborne-megastructures Trembera Essence, that we could use instead?

And my last proposed change - Perhaps the most important - Can we have a 'contribute all' button that contributes all resources to all the decorations in a single room? I often find I accidentally bury my FX behind other things, and have to move those things out the way in order to press 2 on the thing that I want to build, and as we all know, the things that were moved out of the way almost never go back to exactly how they were again. 

Fankoo ya'll for reading, and keep up the good work!


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