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Railjack constant running bug. Game-breaking.


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This bug is on PS4. It was present since railjack rolled out and I was surprised it was still there after I came back from a WF break. Upon running (pun not intended) into it again, decided to report, since it's pissing me off.

Bug description: You start running in one place. If you try to pilot with this "condition" - your ship is being pulled downwards. If you try archwing flying you are also being pulled down like if someone trying to drown you. Bug persists even in dojo upon return to dry dock. Bug goes away after you leave the dojo to your base WF ship, though I believe I needed to close the game for it to go away before. This may wary instance to instance. Game-breaking part - this bug messes with your ability to enjoy RJ sessions, you constantly need to return from the mission, as it messes up your flying.

How to trigger a bug: I think I caught it this time(youtube vid link below), and it's the front cannon. At some point, if you use it to kill a crewship, when you go back up you start... running. 

Busted gamepad?: NO! I had a busted gamepad and thought that I needed a new one, but upon being gifted a new dualshock 4 - bug was right there. Frustrating.

How others see you during bug: my friend said that to him I was still, not running, that my warframe appeared normal to him.

In this vid I went to try out my new engines, I encountered the bug in the process and decided to save the clip:

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I got this bug yesterday. Like you said, it happened after using the forward artillery. It pulls you down/back as you jump too and I thought at first that I had completely forgotten how to control my warframe as I just kept running into things. I thought using transference might fix it but my operator was also running in place when I tried. For me, it fixed itself during the mission after I used the archwing slingshot a couple of times.

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