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Just killed my Lich. Did not recover all stolen items


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So I just killed my lich. He had stolen two rivens from me. Right after I killed him the host migrated, and one other guy and myself remained. It was a mobile defense mission and seemed bugged. We had a marker for both the last terminal, and extract. So we just extracted. After finishing the mission the Mission Results screen doesn't show anything recovered at all. However I had one of the rivens in my inventory, and the weapon in my foundry. 

Here are photos of the mission results page, the single riven, and the Kuva weapon. https://imgur.com/a/ARLdjYI

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I just killed a Kuva Lich with zero problems, yet my returned items did not include some stolen sabotage cache rewards. I particularly remember two identified endo rewards that were not returned to me. While I'm not bothered by the endo, I'm left wondering what else was not returned to me?

Edit: In my case it was on PC.

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