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Mouse Sensitivity - Warframe Not Supporting Gaming Mice!


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The reason I say this is that I've determined it is impossible to keep the DPI level of my mouse at its native 6400 AND achieve a low sensitivity in Warframe.


I come from playing fast paced FPS games, and if anyone else out there has come from this realm  then you know keeping your mouse sensitivity low is your key to success.


So in Warframe, in order for me to achieve a sensitivity level I feel is comfortable for me, and allows me to have the most control over my movement and firing, I must lower the DPI level of my mouse from 6400 to 300!!!!  (Yes my in-game sensitivity is at the absolute lowest...)




All I'm asking is that you allow your shooter enthusiast fans to be the enthusiasts they are and grant us the ability to adjust the in-game sensitivity to a value lower than what is currently allowed.




Technical Stats:


Mouse: 2013 Death Adder

Desired cm/360 distance: 55cm/360

Desired DPI level: 6400


Required DPI level to achieve ~55cm/360: 300



NOTE: Some may argue that all pro FPS players also use a low DPI value, which is realize, but for reasons of my own I prefer to use the high DPI as of now.

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