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Offline bug, Railjack spawn bug, MR0 locked bug, Ducat value bug


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1. Offline bug

Sometimes it randomly decides ur offline. You can still do stuff ingame etc and I am pretty sure its not my network dropping out. The main thing is that you cannot invite someone as they will get a host not found if they try joining even after resetting the session(going into navigation and exiting and trying to invite again). They also can't invite you as it will say they appear to be offline and u will still be able to chat. Happens to me and I have seen it happen to other people especially during server maintenance. Happened more frequently recently. Workaround is to log out and log back in.

2. Railjack spawn bug

People randomly spawn in the railjack when invited to the dojo. Exactly as it says. Can't trade from there. Workaround is to get the guy in the railjack to press esc nav. Exiting the nav screen is also required as it will not show the trade interface if trade request is accepted in the nav screen it just show a blank screen(bonus bug).

3. MR0 locked bug

I am MR26 nothing should be locked. But it is when I trade someone who spawned in the railjack after they exit via esc nav. Everything that has a mastery locked they can't put in. I can give stuff that has a mastery lock if they have the mastery for it but they can't when I am mr26. Workaround is to get them to request the trade instead of me requesting the trade.

4. Ducat value bug

When trading prime stuff based on ducat value u need to look at it. But when u put in parts then remove some and replace it and the positioning of the items change, the ducat amounts don't seem to show the right value. This is very annoying. Workaround is to get them to put everything in at once or not remove anything so the positioning doesn't change when it happens cancel the trade and ask them to put everything in at once.

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