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Allow Players to Influence Kuva Weapon Drop Choice


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Recently, I was grinding capture missions to find a larvling that carried Kuva Quartakk.  I must have done it 20-30 times......Literally.  I was listening to an online radio show and decided to mindlessly grind out this kuva weapon just to give me something to do, but in 2-3 hours of grinding, I never once got the Kuva Quartakk.  And I still don't.

A suggestion to DE: Perhaps whatever weapon the player is holding would/should increase the chances of getting its Kuva variant?

If I capture the Larvling with a Quartakk, increase the drop chance of the Kuva Quartakk.  If I capture it with a bow, increase the chance for the Kuva Bramma.  If I capture with a Nukor, increase the chance for Kuva Nukor.  Etc. Etc.

That way, the RNG grind is much less taxing and much more purposeful than trying to find one weapon out of a selection of....however many there are now.

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