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-wukong clone doesnt count for any stats in the tab menu unless youre the host

-wukong cloud has been broken since they "fixed" it going above their speed limit; now it sometimes disables your melee weapon if you quick melee to cancel it, which may or may not last the whole mission, it can sometimes randomly have a snails pace speed without reason, which happens relatively frequently, and is about the speed of walking with a frame.

-wukongs cheat death passive can get activated prematurely randomly, sometimes even when hes in his cloud and supposedly invulnerable. it happens also frequently in interactions with kuva liches, specifically their "you got too close, time to be snapped over my knee for no good reason."

-you can use defy while a lich is snapping you over their knee to not die, which can result in you having well over 50,000 damage stored by it, but also bugs out depending on when defy ends in relation to when the lich stops using its autokill move on you

-wuclone's ai; he will shoot at a pillar for 3 full clips without attempting to move at all sometimes, which isnt really a bug but rather poor design/implementation, he also sometimes stops working altogether and just sits there, this happened in the index, and was not a result of the afk as i had been moving constantly

-joining an in progress interception mission has a good chance to bug the ui, making towers and/or tower icons permanently show as red, not show capture progress, or even show everyone as having 10 or 0 reactant if done in a void fissure.

-the whole ropalolyst fight. seriously, in one run we had someone who went on it get stuck and unable to do anything for the rest of the (long and bugged) fight, it can glitch into the towers, and then randomly clip 100 meters below, it gets stuck repeating phases and animations, it can make operator mode not function properly, it randomly causes you to get the "fell off the map" dark screen reset sometimes even when standing on a platform, and im sure there are a ton more bugs with it that are hard to distinguish from the rest of the horribly clunky fight mechanics

There are a ton more bugs in almost every element of the game, too many for me to list in a single day, in things such as partying/hosts/network spaghetti, so please take some time to fix some ridiculous issues rather than devoting resources to unpolished content that will only exasperate the problems at the core of the game.

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