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WILD is a gaming group based on Discord. We all play a variety of games (Guild Wars 2, Overwatch, Apex, Fortnite, Archeage etc.). Most of us are in the EST and CST time zones across NA. All 18+ members are welcome to join us. While most members are new, we do have some experienced players within the community.

We are looking for members who match our style: Having fun, playing as a team, and most importantly of all, keeping a positive attitude.

All Mastery Ranks are welcome to join.

Our clan is called 'We Immortal' and we are a Rank 9 Shadow Clan with 20+ members. Our Dojo is in complete and includes all Research rooms and a Dry Dock!

If you're already in a Clan and still wish to join our community, whether it be in Warframe or another game, you are still welcome to join! We also have an Alliance called W.I.L.D and we are accepting other Clans to join us! We offer a large friendly community that get together everyday in every one of our games. We hope to see you soon!

Our only rules are:
Respect each other. Respect WILD. Respect our discord.
If you’re interested, join our discord: 

And/Or add CoffeecakePrime on Warfame 😊

Current Clan Emblem

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