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[Short Story] "Nothing will change the fact that you, Valkyr, are a monster"


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The words echoed, bouncing around in her head, even as her eyes slowly opened from slumber. 

When she awoke, she was alone and in the depths of dreaming.

 Where was she? What was she? Who wa-

Torturous, screaming pain buzzed through her entire being, and she cried out. Footsteps, prodding, she couldn’t see anything or anyone. The world was alight with fire and she screamed and screamed and hoped it would stop. 

It did stop, eventually, and for a while, she was alone. 

It felt like an eternity, but she could hear someone, or something, approaching her. There was clicking and tapping, and then she fell forward, hitting the ground and catching herself on her hands and knees. It didn't hurt, so she was thankful for that. Her senses slowly returned to her, and when she could finally begin the slow, shaky ascent to her feet, she could see who, or what, had saved her. 

She recognized this instantly as Harrow, though the pounding in her head couldn’t tell her more than that. She knew he was a Warframe, and that he was likely an ally. 

The frame lifted a hand, placing a finger to where its lips should be, before motioning to the table nearby with Corpus tools. She picked up a queer, oddly angled weapon that crackled with energy in her hands. ‘Kreska’ was written in Corpus script, and she wondered how she knew how to decipher the queer language of block letters. 

Soon they were out into the hall, and despite her weakness, she kept up with the other Warframe as it led the way through the base. Brief glimpses out windows revealed blinding gas that raged in a never ending storm, making it nearly impossible to see. This had to be Jupiter, as she had once been here, long ago, but the thoughts were fuzzy. It felt like the surface level of everything was all she could remember. 

They were on the move, and enemies were dispatched with ferocity, chained to the ground and then shredded apart by the duo. She was regaining her faculties, remembering the systems that were like her own body, once upon a time. Or was this her own body? She couldn't remember that either, but each kill brought greater strength with it.

(Mostly just interest checking, but I might make a kind of "Journal" deal for this. I always thought it might be a neat idea to write a story about a Tenno whose frame truly defined them)

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200+ views and no response or support? 

The community here never ceases to amaze or disappoint. 

This was great. I normally dont read fanfic. Like ever. But the title enticed me and it was worth it. And best of all, it wasnt lore breaking drivel that ranted on and on. 

I would gladly read more. 

The part about being on Jupiter once again. I was here for alad vs crime. I was here and helped save valkyr from his clutches, experiments, the mutilation. 

I really felt that, and hoped it was going to touch on it. 


Thanks for your efforts. Mention me if you do more, so i am notified. 

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I kinda lost whatever interest I had in continuing this when I posted this, forgot to add a "Short Story" tag, and instead got "OH THIS IS CLICKBAIT LOL IDIOT" so, yeah, sorry. I might work on something else later. I try pretty hard to work within the lore, because, y'know, canon should be respected (If the canon isn't just trying to destroy itself in the first place)

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