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Day-Night-Cycle of Earth


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Hello everyone,

I am pretty happy about the changes of the Warframe app, especially about the cycles of PoE and Orb Vallis that were added.Still there is something missing: The Day-Night-Cycle of the normal Earth missions.

Some of you may disagree but in my opinion if is also a necessary feature, especially because the resources you can get on Earth are based on day- or night-time of the mission.

This is important for (e.g.) the Titania-questline. For Titania's quest you'll need some resources from Earth during day- or night-time.

It wouldn't be just helpful for people that play the Titania-quest, of course. You can fight specters also after the mission. An example for fighting them still after the quest is for receiving mods. Well, you also could use other apothics for it but not everyone likes that.

In my opinion it should especially be mentioned because Earth does have a Day-Night-Cycle and it is a waste of time to always guess if it is day or night now if you should need a specific time.

I hope you all understand my point here. I know not many people still do Grove specters after the Silver Grove quest but it still would be nice to have it in the app.


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