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Hi so, I dunno about anyone else but for me the following options would be a lot of fun...

When Soloing - I would very much like to set missions to have enemies as if there were more people in my squad be it 1 2 3 or 4. I get bored walking around the same tiles, all empty - its a reason I go public but sometimes I want to do something silly or slow, and its just not so fun to meme when you'd make people wait on you, or they'd already kill everything before you get to do your stupid stuff. IE: Getting a negative flight speed riven and firing off a bunch of shots and firing a noise maker arrow at max range to lure a huge tile sloooowly into the wall of death thats basically on pause. That'd be more fun with more mobs!

I would also like to boost it to theoretically stupid levels of up to 8 or 16 32... 64... 124 players.. Where literally every single step I take is loaded with enemies and making my computer chug my fps drop to like 3 and every single move I make being in slow motion as my CPU melts, simply the idea that there's something I can't do in the game entertains me.

I would also like the ability to boost the levels of enemies in missions.


- no extra rewards needed for any of this.

-it might also be nice for friends only or invite only squads to have the same options (So newbies don't get trolled by people making the enemies 50 levels higher on levels that should be 1-3 on public missions)

- Honestly for a couple years now I remember a dev stream where DE Rebecca was in the plains of eidolon before proper release and it was defaulting mobs as if there were four people and I was going "that looks fun"... I want that, I've wanted that for a long time.

I'd request AI adjustments too  but I'd rather request something seemingly simple. Or maybe a map called "Grineer Maniac Manor" where all that spawns is grineer maniacs, with occasional invasions from corpus weidos, stalker spectres with non-stalkery drops, n' a building infested blight from below in an infested room in the basement that literally grows over the place as you play only opening when the areas covered with infested and,  you gotta fight lephantis-prime but he eats you anyways instead of dropping you through the floor, and you gotta work your ways through the bowels into some sort of giant stomach area filled with all the things it ever ate, from sentients to cruise ships, to warframes... all of which get disrupted when you hit a nerve. You work your way up to its brain where gotta kill shadowy versions of yourself with all the same abilities with more disruption nerves naturally these drop power ups for the mission, then when you reach the end and sever its brain stem you get spat out into maniac manor again and repeat, but this time everything is magnetized to push or pull you away. I'd pay attention in a map like that. Probably.

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Even ignoring the challenge aspect, there's definitely something to be said about wanting group level spawns when playing solo. One of the main problems I run into playing solo is that for some missions enemies won't spawn fast enough (usually low level missions - Lith relics come to mind). Sometimes it's not even a problem so much as it just creates absurd amounts of downtime, making the game less fun. While it's true there are loadouts you can make that would still cause gaps in gameplay (because let's face it, we can kill whole groups supremely fast), you'd at least have the satisfaction of mowing down larger groups.

Honestly, I think one of the key reasons this hasn't been implemented yet is just to encourage group play for more drops (Since more players means more enemies, more drops. -and more players is good for DE.), which I understand, but if players want to take on a heavier challenge to get more loot then so be it. It's not as if most mobs drop anything too important, though there are obvious exceptions.

That said, I think there'd be a good deal of players who'd pay resources for that kind of thing, myself included, so if DE really wanted to make it less exploitable they'd just slap it behind some kind of consumable and I'd be okay with that (as long as it wasn't obnoxious to get).

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