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Cephalon Simaris syntheses scan count not always incremented


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There is a fairly frequent bug where after a successful scan of a synthesis target, the count is not incremented. I've seen several variations of this

- the scan succeeds, and the congratulatory animation occurs, but after the mission the count has not been incremented

- a variation of this is when the final (e.g. 4 of 4) scan occurs, and Simaris says to come see him. But again, the count is short one.

- also have seen where the last target "dot" is scanned, the target disappears, but no animation happens.

I would say this is happening to me about 20%  of the time - it is not a rare occurrence. I do not see an obvious pattern. I've seen it across different targets, warframes, weapons.

Please investigate and fix this bug. Thanks!


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