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COMING SOON: Devstream #139: Review, Revise, Refresh.


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Who:  Rebecca is joined by Steve and Scott!

What:  Review, Revise, Refresh! Join us as we go over 2020’s first Mainline – but not in a ‘new content’ sense. We are going to be reviewing a 20-part list of Reviews, Revisions, and Refreshes that we are working on for Warframe. Everything from Railjack Onboarding Changes to Shield Gating. From Self Damage to Excavation Mission Health Scaling – don’t miss it! We will have a comprehensive Dev Workshop up on Friday for those who cannot watch the stream – fear not!  

Prizes? Join us for a chance to win Platinum or Prime Access

Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe and mixer.com/playwarframe 

Twitch Drop / Mixer Reward: Tune in to find out what you can snag for watching our Devstream – the @PlayWarframe Twitter Poll will decide it! 

When: Join us this Friday, February 28th at 2 p.m Eastern Standard Time! 

Ask your questions here – you have until 10 a.m Friday! Since this stream has a strict 20 Part Structure, bringing up questions may not fit in the time, but we will try! 

By installing the Youtube app for free on your Nintendo Switch, you can conveniently watch the stream on the Warframe Youtube channel from your portable system!

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1. With the confirmation of new faction lichs being worked on. Will we possibly get the gun vapos machinist / rangers use as a gun reward off of the corpus lichs? The burst fire rifle or grenade launcher flamethrower combo? Its one of the few weapons that enemies have that we do not have access to yet. The others being the Rictus Ghoul sawblade and the Terra Overtakers "Convectrix" Crossbow

2. What ever happened to those proto skins that are based off of Dark Sector weapons. They've been shown off only once and have faded into backburner. Is there going to ever be anything about them in the future?

3. Will there ever be any new syndicate weapon augments? Its been 84 years since we've gotten any new weapon augments from syndicates. We get a few new wawrframe power augments every few months, but nothing as far as weapons. Would be nice to see a resurgence of new syndicate mods for weapons.

4. With the new decade here, would it be possible to have a compilation / collage of every single special "Lotus symbol" we've had on the launcher / main menu for the past several years?


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Thanks for the heads-up.

Any plans to continue with the melee revision like adding Exilus melee and adjusting mods such as Melee Prowess? Any plans to buff or re-do exalted melee weapons? They feel significantly weaker than regular weapons such as the Venka Prime and Nikana Prime, which not only have access to more powerful mods (Blood Rush), but don't require energy to use and have a higher mod capacity.

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Any planning on bosses rework? some of then are too outdated and feel clunky to fight with... maybe also adding a tolken mechanics to it, so farming bosses be a new type of content, the rewards could be cosmetics, mods and even some weapons.

And what about the parazon? it will be just a blade for executions and a plug for hacking? how about switching some of the gear itens with the parazon, like fishing spears, railjack omnitool, etc... making it a real multitool? maybe even using it as a ripline for all warframes, so you can traverse the map in new ways, pull some enemies for executions and maybe be the default melee weapon when no other is equiped. Afterall, the parazon is a blade and a whip...

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Hmm. Interesting.

edit: Probably too late to edit this in and still have it be seen, but on the subject of shield gating: I hope you guys are looking at the issue with the understanding that there are two completely separate problems the community keeps claiming it would solve both of: Shields being generally terrible (without DR), and being one-shot from full health being obnoxious. You're probably not going to find an elegant way of actually solving both problems at once with any form of shield gating, so please at least work on one of them and not throw it out for not solving both.

they're not the same problem, the community is just silly.

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It was mentioned before that you guys are aware of how CC is becoming less and less useful and this is something that the team is looking to address. Newer content still discourages CC as enemies are immune to it. What steps are going to be taken? Will enemies be more susceptible to it/need to be CC'ed to be defeated (let's say, because damage alone would not be efficient in killing) or will CC frames be reworked to focus more on damage rather than CC?

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10 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Excavation Mission Health Scalin

You're peaking my interest with this one part alone.


Edit: 10 hours later I did think of something to ask.

So I was a solo player for over a year. Recently started playing pubs, are we ever going to get an option to never be host? Is it even possible?

I know my internet sucks, if I select a mission I cancel it if I'm host before we even start, However host migrations sometimes result in me hosting and I can't prevent this unless I just abort the mission resulting in another host migrations for those in the mission. I know how bad it is to be in a laggy mission and if it's possible I would like to prevent others from lagging because of me.

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1. Are we ever going to get custom primary and secondary weapon positioning like Melee currently has?

2. Can we get the option to add sugatras to primary and secondary weapons?

3. Any update on the Proto weapon skins that we saw a long time ago?

4. Several skins and armor sets have mismatched color channels. Do you guys plan on doing a review for this to at least make the metallic slots consistent or give us the option to color individual armor pieces and helmets separately?

5. Please let us use Excal Prime's helmet/skin on Excal Umbra.

6. Updates on Melee 3.0/rage mode?

7. When are the changes to pets coming to remove stasis? It is still a big hindrance to using them.

8. Can you please stop disabling certain face gear when using certain head gear on operators? From what I have seen people were way less concerned with the clipping than their ability to customize their operators.

9. Any chance we will get the option to swap out exalted weapon models for their standard/prime/umbra appearances.

10. Is the loadout UI going to be overhauled to show everything that should be loadout specific(Archwings, their weapons, archwing guns for ground combat, operator arcanes and amps?

11. Are we ever going to get a focus dump? Once you max the schools there is nothing to do with accumulated focus.

12. Can we get more Loadout and Riven slots or possibly just uncap them and let us buy as many as we want?

13. Now that thrown weapons have a comfortable timed recall, are we ever going to get the Arcata added to PVE?

14. Can we get mod capacity removed while in the simulacrum so we can properly test builds before applying Forma?

15. With liches being added to the game are there any discussions about a better way to handle status immunity? Making enemies completely status immune removes a large chunk of the arsenal.

16. There are several items that are still exclusive to the chinese version of Warframe, including the Cadus, a chinese exclusive staff weapon. When can we expect these to be added to the global build?

17. What ever happened to Steve's "Alchemy" system that was supposed to use the infested room?

18. Any chance that we will get additional hotkeys on PC? Would be nice to be able to hotkey several orbiter functions like decorating or going to the foundry rather then going through menus.

19. WIll the acolyte and Plague Star ever become naturally reoccurring events like Razorback and the Formorian?

20. Now that they have been nerfed can we get access to the acolyte mods on Exalted weapons?

21. Can a system be added to use excess dirac to bump up Railjack rolls for an increased cost every time we use it? This would retain the value of good rolls but allow people to make steady progress should RNG not be on their side.

22. You recently allowed us to buy up to three additional cosmetic and mod loadouts but it wasn't added to operators. When can we expect them to get that feature as well?

23. Rather then rewarding mission rewards at the end of a railjack mission, can we get them awarded per objective completed like bounties? This would make the 4 stage missions more rewarding and getting rewards spaced out rather then in one lump just feels better IMO.

24. There are several PVP exclusive warframe augments that could be useful in PVE. Any chance these mods will get added to PVE?

25. The prime trailers had interesting lore bits in them. Can we get their scripts added to the prime warframe's codex entries. It would add flavor to their pretty bland text now and bring them in line with other frames that got entries like that like Excal, Rhino, Ember and Mag.

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Rail Jack Gunnery and Flight

  • Could you make the turrets in the pilot harness work independent of the flight controls while we hold down the 'Aim' button (right click)?
  • Can we get Fighter Craft Specters that we can launch (with an obvious cooldown)?

Thank You <3

I love you Space Mom and Space Aunt.

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Not long ago the dev team very lightly talked about the "demon mode" that was being developed as the final part tp the melee 3.0 system.

1. How far along are you on the "demon mode"?

2. How is demon mode going to effect the way we play (exp. Crit damage applying to status effects in demon mode? Different demon mode bonuses based on weapon type?) ?

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