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Unusual Spawns for Scan-able Plants


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What - Small QoL/Aesthetic bug, certain plants (i.e. Jadeleaf/Threshcone/etc) that spawn on Earth tilesets have unusual positions and in some cases are floating entirely off of the ground, example attatched:



Where - Earth, Grineer forest tilesets.  Image above is of the mission-specific CAPTURE extraction tile (Where Grineer targets can flee their pursuers to result in a mission failure for players).  Currently this is the most noticeable that I have experienced, may update w/ additional details and images if further cases are discovered.

Why - Uncertain, presumably result of graphical overhaul for Earth some time ago, and certain (obscure) plant spawns being overlooked?

When - Uncertain, best guess is the time of the Earth Remastered update, as mentioned above.


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