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Specters Do Not "Hold Position"


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I had a few week break to the game. Tonight I do a Lich hunt and one of the missions was a defense.

I use vapor specters if I am alone so thus the bug I noticed.

I have 1-star rhino specter with me. After summon, I noticed he is not holding the ground and just continue to follow me around. I pressed "X" many times to see if another old bug is in action, that they show many times the wrong command on them. this time it wasnt that, he just didnt hold the position and my mission failed.

Please have a check on spectres and fix the problem.

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Same problem here.

I set it to "Hold Position" but after a short while, he will just start following me. If I hit "Follow", it behaves as if I selected "Hold Position" instead. Again, it will stop holding position after 30sec or so.

Mine was an Axi Void Fissure (Defense) map.

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but when I spawned him, he didn't spawn on the "orb" but rather next to it off the platform I placed it on.

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