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New Chapter Idea: Cataclysm


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I’ve managed to come up with a prequel of sorts to The New War, inspired by a real event:


Narrator: One minute you’re about to kill a traitor to your cause, then the next... everything you know around you is... gone. Just like that. You got to hand it to that cataclysm you unwittingly unleashed. It did it’s job quick. But it missed a few spots, didn’t it.


Besides, if it wasn’t for the cataclysm... 


We wouldn’t have found those ruins... where everything started.


Cetus wouldn’t have its new distillery... chock full of the finest spirits for our operators.


Fortuna wouldn’t have found that old shrine... in case the Gods of the Orokin ain’t dead yet.


But get this... this is only the second time it happened.


What happened the first time? Well... get your world-repairing gear ready, ‘cuz it’s one heck of a story.




This was inspired by the eruption of the Greek isle of Santerini. Modern measurements found deposits of volcanic ash twenty stories deep. Using these measurements, scientists estimated that when Santerini was blown sky high, it unleashed the equivalent force of 50000 Hiroshima nuclear bombs. So I thought: What would happen if such a blast happened again... in Warframe?

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