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new kinetic mod set concept!


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kinetic mod set is a concept of new set mods similar to the ones released at the jovian concord...with difference being that these ones focus on mobility in the ground than in the air 

all of these mods and it's bonus set rely on you constantly sprinting...

you might think these mods are basically gauss as a set of mods...well you're not wrong😂

let's start!

KINETIC OSCILLATORS: https://imgur.com/DFgdfPB 

description: very straight forward...it increases your sprint speed over distance...10m of distance, the speed increase caps at 60% at 60m, be careful though as any sharp turns will reset the buff, as well as a complete stop will cause the buff to reset! 

KINETIC TURBINE: https://imgur.com/rmetx3S 

description: some abilities can be activated while sprinting, and some can't...but don't worry as this mod still applies to still abilities, you just have to press the ability button while sprinting

KINETIC TRANSMISSION: https://imgur.com/66FuijW

description: how does this work? it's simple...while sprinting this mod increases your reload speed by 20% of your sprint speed...for example if you have 2.82 sprint speed your reloads will go 0.564 faster or 56% faster so sprint speed mods in a way will effect your reload speed via this mod

KINETIC CHARGEhttps://imgur.com/eoOeh1t

description: similar to kinetic transmission this mods will increase charge attacks wind up speed the same way, by a percentage of your sprint speed, same example you have 2.82 sprint speed, your heavy attack wind speed will increase by 0.846 or 84% 

KINETIC MOD SET BONUS: every 10m traveled increases your attack damage by 2% of your sprint speed caps at 100% of your sprint speed (additive) resets on stop 

description: it sounds confusing but it really isn't this set bonus might be ineffective at short distances but very effective at long distances, this set bonus requires you not only to move, but to utilize your sprint speed mods 

at base you're dealing 2% of your sprint speed as extra damage, again same example if you have 2.82 sprint speed you will deal 0.05 more damage or 5% more damage but at max you'll deal 282% more damage 



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