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Asking for Sepfahn-build opinion



Hi !
After watching a video recently, I finaly built a Sepfahn Nikana based on some speed ( Sepfahn / Plague Akwin / Jai 2 ).

I totaly forgot that I got a Riven for it, so instead of copying what I saw, I wanted to try things (even if it ended just in some tweaks here and there..).
So I wanted your opinion on 2 builds :



Exodia Triumph is there to gain quickly the combo-multiplier;
The Riven "Visitor" is giving : +172% melee damage / +2 range.

Which build seems better to you ? Maybe you would change a mod or two in (config A or C) to take it yourself ?
Should I re-roll the Riven instead ?

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I would go with the first one and swap out primed reach with condition overload. If I did the second one, id swap out the pressure point for a heat mod to get viral and heat.

I personally try to stay away from double stacking stats. It has a tendency to have diminishing returns. So if your riven is giving you melee damage, your not gaining that much by actually putting pressure point on. You would be better off adding crit chance even with blood rush to get your crits into the next tier, as in orange crits to red crits. Not saying that's the right course of action... I don't think you would get into red crits with only 20% base anyway... you may see a few. My original suggestions is what I would probably go with in though...


hope this helps!

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....looks like your used wrong parts...  You should have taken crit/spd link or a stat/spd link. 

If your going for status forget about crits.  No bloodrush, no organ shatter.   What you want is Primed Fury/Fury and then just stack on the 60/60's.  Along with Condition Overload.  (and Ex Force arcane).   

My katana was built for crits.  I definatley use Triumph.  Both gladiator might (crit damage) and organ shatter... bloodrush...berzerker.  I have a riven to but I forget whats on it lol.  


I just built keewar/brodkin status staff.  Im finally venturing into status builds on guns and melee.  Total noob at it though but they both feel pretty good to me at low levels(crit and status).   

Honestly just with Bloodrush and even a few gladiator mods I still 95% of the time only get orange crits which blows.  Before the change my melee's would always reach red crits.  I''ve been trying to mix bloodrush+sacrificial steel + mods that boost combo growth like Triumph to get back to the glory days but I think DE needs to give bloodrush a small bump up.  (my sac steel isnt maxed out tho, but I shouldnt need it to reach red crits with bloodrush).   


But honestly my advice would be to reroll your zaw and use better parts  mainly the Link is the most critical element of a zaw.  

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