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H-o-r-s-e ,but C-O-N-C-L-A-V-E


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Just something to try out in a private lobby. Let me know if this appeals to you. Especially those who don't use the mode.

(Not asking for anything to be made official)

This is based off of the game mode h-o-r-s-e. This Rocket league video sparked the idea.




Wiki Reference:

Conclave variants



The game is played by two or more players. (Usually done in private matches.)

The order of turns is set before the game starts. The player whose turn is first is given control, which means they must attempt to hit/eliminate a designated object or opponent in a  way of their choosing, explaining to the other players beforehand what the requirements of the shot are. 

If that player is successful, each player after must try that same shot according to its requirements. If a player fails to duplicate the shot, they get a letter, starting with H and moving rightward through the word "Horse". After all players have made an attempt, control moves to the next player, and the game continues on in this fashion. If a player who has control misses their shot, there is no letter penalty and control moves to the next player. Whenever any player has all of the letters, they are out of the game. The last person in the game is declared the winner.

The game can be played as “C-O-N-C-L-A-V-E“ or “T-E-S-H-I-N” as a longer version of this game.

The game is also played as "O-R-O" or vanilla "H-O-R-S-E" for a shorter version.



Mag: pull

Volt: shock

Excalibur: blind/slash dash

(low damage/knockdown/impair powers in general)

(can be against a decoy-like power/timer/restraint: LOKI/KHORA/NYX)


3 Mags start a match. One is on opposite end of a small room. Mag 1 wall latches, and pulls Mag 2. Mag 2 does the same to Mag 3, Mag 3 doesn't latch, she gets "C"

Loki, Mag, Excal join match. The Mag tells the Loki where to place decoy. Mag dodges left and kills decoy. It's now Excal's turn to dodge left and kill the decoy.

*Loki can also act as a referee for smoother play, allowing others to pick the frames of their choice*



One tap confirmation / or an elimination


Excal and Nidus match (Latos). Excal jumps down from platform, bullet jumps up, and body-shots Nidus. Nidus jumps down from platform, bullet jumps up, and body-shots Excal.



No weapons or abilities, has to get a knockdown with slide kick.


Volt double-jumps, then tries to slide kick Equinox down a hill. Volt misses, it's Equinox's turn. No penalty.



Hit one waypoint or more, using whatever.


H-o-r-s: Rhino

H-o-r-s: Frost

Frost waypoints the top of his bubble. Frost aim glides across it. Rhino's turn, he misses. Frost wins.



A way for people to have fun/sharpen skills without the regular match restraints. ( I play pvp quite a bit, if you wanna try with)

Fun or dumb? Or both?


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