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Warframe is using A LOT of Ram!


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My wife's Warframe keeps crashing whenever we go into Fortuna or Cetus and surrounding areas.

So I decided to check why it was crashing, and realized it was crashing flat out because it ate all the RAM and Swap!

I enabled FPS display on both machines, and started to run Warframe with performance monitor running.


On both Machines, the values don't match, for example Warframe claims it is using 2.4gb of RAM while in Orb Vallis, in both machines, but in mine it actually is using 5gb of RAM, and on my wife machine it is using 7gb of RAM, and actually requested from the system a total of 9gb of virtual memory.


If I reboot her machine, and start the performance monitor, the swap shows 0% usage, RAM about 15%, I can even do other stuff and numbers don't stray too far from that. I launch warframe, and RAM shoots up to 80%, then  I go to fortuna, it uses 100%, when I get into the elevator, the HDD activity shoots up like mad, and Swap usage go to 50% while RAM remains stuck at 100%, CPU gets stuck on 100% too and never come down.


This started after some recent updates, when we first started playing mid-january this wasn't an issue. It became obvious because of load times, mid-january our machines would finish loading at exact same time, now her machine loads MUCH, MUCH slower, I assume because it is writing  to swap on same HDD as it is trying to read data from, slowing the loading down a lot.


EDIT: while on Orbiter



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Working Set -- Amount of physical memory currently in use by the process.

If i remember correctly that's VRAM and RAM together and Warframe show's only the RAM.

Dosent explain though why it is using that much mine sit's at about 2.5 gig usually 1.7G RAM and 800MB VRAM, that is on PoE with Rain.

What could happen that you do not have enough VRAM for your settings and that might cause does problems.

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