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Arbitration drones not dropping Vitus after Host Migration


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I thought this "Arbitration drones not dropping Vitus after Host Migration" had been fixed a while ago, but it doesnt seem to have been.  I have noticed this lately as alot of the players exit after 20-30 minutes, which is fine of course I just carry on especially in Survival runs.  But i have seen after the Host Migration no Vitus drops at all.  Vitus drops in Arbi even with Smeeta and Booster run is, how shall we say .. rather infrequent.. but after HM its none.. i just ran 30 minutes and then had 2 HM's but decided to go for another 50 minutes in Surivial to see if any dropped .. not 1 bit dropped...

Please DE make mine Vitus! 😉


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