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Rolling Grendel into Lich: beheaded me; fell through map.


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As the title says:
Encountered my Lich today while using Grendel.
Tried rolling into them to see what kind of damage it did.
It could have been that they tried to activate a throw, but I can't be sure, because it instantly launched me well beneath the map when I came in contact with them.
When I returned, I had no head, and remained like that for the rest of the mission.

All Parazon finishers for the remainder of that game were like a Console style hack.. just point the parazon in their direction with no camera movement, not properly aligned with the enemy, no theatrics.. just killed em'.



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So if you don't fall through the stage, you become a ball that does not animate it's roll. The Lich kicking me caused this instance.

Likewise, headless. You can also enter states of other broken animation. In this clip, I even put up damage numbers and get picked up without animating these actions.

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