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A little proposal about Tennotunes...


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...Although it has likely been proposed at least a hundred of times. 

Every Prime Time and every DevStream I hear lots of interesting tracks, sometimes they're very good, sometimes they don't meet my taste. I know we can find them online, there's even the site for it, but it just doesn't feel... enough? Warframe is full of wonderful music, and we can grab those tracks via Somachord (at least mission and quest related ones). Many players, probably, simply don't even know about Tennotunes existence and this is sad, in my opinion. 

Why can't we have Tennotunes on Nightwave, for example? Maybe we could find Tennotunes Somachords around the System, or they would be dropped by some enemies, I don't know (but please no RNG on this!), and after we pick them up, Nightwave can start playing them. We could even request them by clicking on the Nightwave button on the Orbiter, finally giving it a purpose (I, at least, never use it to access Nightwave...) Or we could hear them in Relays. 

Just dropping random ideas for a thought I had sometimes. It would be really nice, I think, having the possibility to listen to Tennotunes in the game itself. 

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