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What things should DE focus on this year?


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As you know DE is taking heed of what we want them to do this year. Since I know what the majority will say, I’m not going to repeat it since people are going to say it for me, so instead I’ll mention things that are unpopular that I feel needs to be addressed and hopefully those that think the same way as I do or have said these topics and had it ignored or getting ridicule by it will have a chance to talk about other things that need to be addressed.


Stealth mechanics

Even through I`m crap at stealth, I really enjoy playing this way. I`m not 100% sure what DE did to mess this up but if anyone can educate me on this that would be great. How I see it if DE can add other game-modes and other things, they should address the stealth mechanics for us who enjoy that type of gameplay and I would also like to see a stealth based game-mode for warframes and operators.


The relic system

This has been a pain from the beginning, from piles and piles and piles of relics to void traces. One thing I would like to see the ability to dissolve unwanted relic and convert it into void traces.


Syndicate improvements

The syndicates have been around since 2014 and it`s a game mode that I play a lot of, if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t play warframe that much, I think it`s about time that the six syndicates should get some improvements. One thing I want is the extra standing bonus removes from stigils and instead get the bonus standing increase by each time you rank up with the syndicates. Also get rid of the cap of the amount of standing you can receive from them in general.


Operator content

Ever since the operators were introduce to warframe by the 2nd dream quest I was hyped as heck and liked them ever since however even though they have some good abilities to help warframe, they are not that strong on their own. I would like the to some improvements to the mobility and for the abilities in the focus tree not to be connected so you can pick whatever ability you want instead of turning one ability of will deactivate a tree of other abilities.


Nightwave improvements

Me personally, I like nightwave and REALLY LIKE NORA NIGHT however sometimes it can be tedious when it comes to completing challenges (conservations, plains, orb v missions) and getting miniscule rewards.  If there`s a challenge I can`t or don`t want to complete, there is an option to choose a different challenge. For example, you don`t want to do the 3 forma challenge, you have the option to choose either build 3 items from the foundry, rank up 3 mods or rank up an arcane up to 3. And the same goes for intermission rewards, if you get a reward you don`t want, have the option to choose other rewards.


Warframe augments

In my opinion augments should be used as a choice for people to use and the option to use in certain missions every now and again however with most augments this is not the case.

From my time using them I`ve noticed that there are seven types of augments;


•       They make the ability better and if taken off the ability is useless.

•       It`s should be a part of the warframe`s abilities or made into an ability.

•       They change how the ability works and gives players a new way to use the ability.

•       While the augment is good, it`s for the wrong warframe.

•       One is good for only type of mission vs one good for all missions.

•       They do the same thing for different warframes but nothing that stands out.

•       It`s bad/useless overall.


Warframe bugs/fixes/changes.

·        Energy claws and staff are not visible in animation of Valkyr prime and wukong when equipping no weapons.

·        Make nezha`s 3rd ability ring go over his head and under his feet instead of through it.

·       Make opening enemies up to finishers consistent with 3rd ability.

·       Sometime ash is glitched and stabbing the air and he is unseen when using bs due to camera angle.

·       Make the “clones” look like him (like wukong`s 1st ability) instead of looking like a hologram.

·       When blade storm is done, Ash doesn’t appear at the same place he started at but instead is teleported in a different location.

·        When atlas visually stacking armour, make it to where the rubble builds up symmetrically on Atlas instead of only on one side. (having it on one side looks ugly to me)

·        When equipping atlas with the shikoro helmet, his head looks flat turning his head.

·        The shockwave from the heavy impact mod and rhino`s passive will work the same way as the shockwave moa.

·        Put Excalibur`s energy channel glow back the way it was like the way nyx`s look. (the way it is now is just ugly)

·        When hydroid jumps out of 3rd ability carrier doesn’t vacuum pickups striate away.

·        Enemies are able to set off alarms and are not affected by explosion when Mirage`s 2nd ability is active.


Other bugs/fixes/changes

·        Polearms shrink in size when preforming a finisher.

·        There is a delay when clicking the button and the operator crouching.

·        Give operators the ability to see enemies and loot on the map.

·        When crouching with the operator you can`t see he`s/ her hair.

·        Let there be a button option for umbra(s) to either stay or move.

·        Make warframes with visual armour (banshee, frost) have the option to be used on primes and vis versa.

·        Decrease enemies speed recovery when getting knocked down and rag dolled like before.

·        Players that are not the host on eidolon hunts are getting really bad lag.

·        When achieving 100% status chance on the daikyu it doesn’t proc all the time as it’s supposed to.

·        Give the option to dissolve the riven you get from sorties if you don`t have enough space.

·        Get rid of lasers in void defence or make warframes not take damage by it.

·        Make the phage beams automatically focus instead of having to aim to do so.

·        Uni vacuum should be on all warframes and operators instead of companions.

·        Sometimes uni vacuum don`t work.

·        Objective and extraction markers not pinpointing the right directions.

·        There is a teleporting glitch when you dash with the operator when playing eidolon hunts.

·       Revert the laser visuals of the Nukor back to the way it was.

·        And the most annoying one of all… the cursor changes on consoles GET RID OF IT.

·         Instead of making Kubrows and Kavats having their own colour pallet make it use the same pallets that Waframes, weapons and the operator can use. (why the separation? It makes sense)

·       When throwing glaives, they should be able to hit multiple enemies like Nezha`s 2nd ability and the falcor.


Depending on what happens with this post, I may come back to edit or add more things to it, if you want to address anything that I`ve mentioned here please do so.

EDIT: Here are some post I put up giving some ideas of some of the things that need to be adressed.


The relic system



Syndicate improvements



Operator content



Nightwave improvements


When it comes to nightwave I like how it gives me challenges for me to complete however there is still room for improvement so here is a list of things that can improve it.

·       If there`s a challenge I can`t or don`t want to complete, there is an option to choose scroll to choose a different challenge. For example, you don`t want to do the 3 forma challenge, you have the option to choose either build 3 items from the foundry, rank up 3 mods or rank up an arcane up to 3.

·       Players should be rewarded if you are able to complete all challenges OR if you get the total or over the number of standing. The reward could be more cred, 5000 standing or a double booster for standing from mini boss.

·       The mb should drop 100 standing in normal missions.

·       Cred should be increased to 100.

·       Standing gained should also add to affinity and focus standing.


Much needed rewards

Because of nightwave, there are some item we can no longer get with the nightwave system does not provide. Here are some rewards I feel need to be added to nightwave for players to purchase;

·       Argon crystals – Because you are purchasing them, they should last 1 week. (costs 30 wolf cred for 2)

·       Void traces – Even though you can get them from doing fissure missions, you receive between 6 and 30 (40 if you’re lucky) which means the number you receive from doing them is not consistent. (costs 15 wolf cred for 50)

·       Tellurium - This is a very rare resource that can only be farmed from kuva and Uranus tilesets. (costs 15 wolf cred for 5)

·       Kavat genetic codes – Having to go to the delict just to scan the wild kavats it tedious and it`s all the time you will receive them when scanning them. (costs 10 wolf cred for 5)



Here is some reward I`d like to see come to nightwave;

·       Weapon skins

·       Nightwave stencil

·       Ornaments

·       Operator cosmetics

·       Armour pieces

·       Syandana (similar to syndicates)

·       Operator outfit

·       K-drive

·       Ship skin

·       New warframe and weapon mods

·       New weapons

·       New warframe (wishful thinking)

·       Exclusive warframe skins (all warframes can use)  

·       Exclusive idel animations (all warframes can use) 

·       Nora cosmetics (possibly)


On thing I would like to see from nightwave is for it to get it`s own quest and maybe get to see nora`s Identity.

Warframe augments




And just to add, I would like to see warframe get some reworks, revisits or tweaks to their abilities. Here are some ideas I have for them.




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Honestly.... stop with the current approach to new content, maybe start listening to players again instead of focusing on trying to get people to spend money.....

Pretty much all of the recent additions to the game have had excessive amounts of grind to hide the fact that there isn't actually much to the new game modes or to push us towards buying with plat etc.  Yes some can be explained away as being the start of a bigger plan (railjack, which in itself isn't exactly varied in it's game modes) but you kind of need to keep players interested until that 'big plan' comes to fruition... and in all honesty, excessive grind is not the way to do it imo. 

It also wouldn't hurt if the main 'decision makers' actually spent some time playing the game outside of their sandbox testing and without all their dev hacks....just so they actually know what the players are having to put up with.

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You have some nice bugs and annoyances for them to tackle..    I was going to lose my crap over your pet color suggestion at the end but now i understand.  You want to be able to use the warframe color palettes on your pets?  Yeah that would be nice.   (I thought you wanted pet colors to mirror the colors on your warframe lol)


Relic system.... if you dont pop relics to go after new primes within the first week of its release putting together groups to go after stuff is a nightmare.  Relic popping should still be RNG but it should be made solo friendly or random squad friendly.   AKA you should have a way of popping a relic and rolling 4 rewards instead of just 1 if you are solo.   Or when you run relics in a squad what it should do is MIRROR your relic on the other people in your squad.  For example!!!............

I got into a random fissure squad with an Axi A6 RADIANT.  Everyone else is using Axi x7 intact....   When we get to the end of the mission the other 3 people count as all using Axi a6 radiant (assuming we all filled our reactant).   So I am presented with 4 rolled vs Axi A6.    To the other 3 people their game treats it like I had an Axi V7 and so they get 4 rolls against that....

So we can all use different relics but it counts like we were all working on the same thing.   I got 4 rolls on A6 they all got 4 rolls on V7.  This would REALLY improve fissures!!

The only other thing I will say about fissures is that farming void trace sucks bad.... I have always said that void trace should drop everywhere in the game so you can build it up in every other game mode.  Void Trace is the biggest log jam in the relic system and why we build up so many relics.   I think if we could burn through our stockpiles in a reasonable manner it would actually improve activity in the game.     But I also realize doing anything to the relic system to "improve" it means a negative impact on DE because prime parts would become pretty worthless and plat buying might dry up??  (they just need to be more creative and or work harder to have new stuff to spend plat on)

Operator...this is still unfolding, I dont think they are done by any means... the paradox looks and sounds super interesting.  Amps feel pretty weak now.  Void energy is suppose to be super bad ass but it doesnt feel like that anymore.   The only complaint I have with operator right now though is the fact that Your pet and Warframe mods do not carry over to your operator.  AKA enemy/loot radar,  vacuum.   That crap is super annoying.  

K-drive...my one huge complaint right now with K-drive is same as operator... You lose enemy/loot radar when you are on your k-drive which is bullcrap.   This totally kills your ability to zoom around PoE at night to find cetus wisps while on a k-drive which would be awesome.


Heres my list of priorities....

-Conservation...they need to convert the entire process into the organic method that is possible on PoE right now.   PoE has call spots and poop piles like vallis but you totally do not need them.   You can just walk around with your tranq gun and find every animal type except the mergoo.   It feels awesome to hunt like that (athought the tranq rifle needs some UI to help point you in the direction of animals cuz highlights dont do crap at long range or bright light).  Orb Vallis should let animals spawn on the map in the same way as PoE.  EVERY animal type needs to be added.       Conservation is a great way to farm standing.  Its also just a nice relaxing way to spend time in Warframe.   

-My only other big ask is tons of Warframe ability reworks/tweaks.  Mag > Nekros > Atlas > Nyx > 

-bug/qol fixes that are literally to numerous to list.   My katana zaw visuals hurt alot.  Turning in sentient cores to oonko one god damn click at a time kills me.   

I like Lichs, I help people with their Lv5 lichs all the time but its incredibly demoralizing.  I dont get ephemera.  I cant roll the kuva weapons I want even if I spend HOURS trying.  Murmur farming is what is not fun, its easy for me to do solo or with randoms I just hate that its so slow.. I am sitting on lichs for days/weeks before actually going for them because I just dont want to farm the murmurs.  Part of why I hate murmurs is because some of the mission types are stupid as hell.   NOBODY wants to run rescues or interceptions or disruptions or defense.  Just make them all exterminates, captures, sabotages.   Captures need to be alot longer (just for lich turf missions not in the rest of the game). Its totally possible to skip the ones you dont like but why do I even have to bother carefully reading every stupid node to do that.    Part of this is a huge question of how long they want this content to last people.   Right now it feels like forever in a bad way.  Even if I just want to max out 4-5 kuva weapons (that we have now) it looks like an insanely long process.   Just speed the crap up...would solve alot of problems...     still im totally looking forward to the next steps for the Lich system.   I am totally pumped for the other factions, and also curious to see how far they take grineer.   I am also super excited to see if Lich gets permanently squished into Railjack at some point like in original teasers.  

RJ I dont have any huge complaints and am more than happy to see what comes.

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Their focus this year should be overhauling core game systems to finally give future content a good foundation to build around.

  • Defensive stats of warframes and enemies - health, shields, armor.
  • Offensive stats of warframes, enemies, and weapons - physical and elemental damage types, abilities, critical damage and status procs.
  • Warframe reworks - Every frame should be more viable for everything, even if some frames still excel in some types of content without making everyone else obsolete.
    • Possibly capping more modded stats in the way Efficiency is.
  • Balance role diversity through enemy types -
    • Common, abundant enemies should be susceptible to AoE damage (from either frames and weapons) since that is the purpose of AoE in a hoard killing game. But other enemies should resist AoE damage.
    • There can be enemy types that put debuffs on players that have a long duration but can be removed by Warframe heals (and health orbs created from Warframe abilities).
    • Tanky frames are almost exclusively self serving these days since most don't have much, if any threat manipulation. There could be some sort of enemy that bypasses a portion of player natural defenses, but are naturally taunted more towards the tanky frames while their defensive abilities are active (the defensive ability would ignore the enemy's ability to bypass defenses so they are actually protecting their allies).
    • There should be more enemies like Nox that are heavily damage resistant except when certain conditions are met (like how Nox has to have his helmet shot off first before he's squishy). This could be used to encourage all sorts of play styles:
      • Enemies resistant to all damage, except while under effect of cc.
      • Enemies only vulnerable to single target damage (from weapons or abilities)
      • Enemies only vulnerable to head shots.
      • Enemies only vulnerable to melee.
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Helios rescanning mod so you don’t have to manually scan plants to get apothics 

new sentient sentinels since we are in the viel Proximal where the codex says they are found 

Why infested spawn pods spawn infested corpus and grineer, are the pods frowning humans then infesting them... doesn’t make sense. Why are there infested corpus in grineer galleons and the plains during the event and vice versa. Phorid is just a big charger and he always replace the node with infested grineer galleon and it’s be nice to see that updated 

Natah in the erra quest is radically different than before and it makes me afraid that de is retconning her to be some frail person we have to save 

tons of codex entries are missing

you don’t get the statuette for completing partnership fragment or memory fragment or the vallis 

after lotus sang her song in the erra quest many sentient energies went from blue to red such as the war Sword and the sentient cores in the quill room but broken war, Cetus wisps, shards and some others were over looked and haven’t changed colors 

Xbox1 has a had a bug for at least a year where if a second controller is signed on you have to relog or it will count each click as multiple resulting in broken tab order, force starting, inability to hack, etc 


also being ragdolled mid battle against a lich is so so much frustrating and soul killing than a guaranteed death on fail   

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I want DE to just put a stop to all NEW content and use the entirety of 2020 to revisit and fix OLD existing content. I'm completely fine with an entire year of no new content if it means that old existing content gets fixed and my fire for said old content is rekindled. DE's history of new updates recently has been abysmal. Game-breaking bugs, unfulfilled promises, overall bad first impressions and experiences, etc. If they just keep releasing rushed, broken content with every update, then the mountain of things to fix is just going to keep growing. If you are a relatively new player, then there is still a mountain of content to do. If you are a veteran, I'll just ask that you patiently keep waiting as DE fixes the old content and gives us a more fun and incentivizing reason to play that content. Hell, I'll even be fine with using all of 2021 as well purely for fixing old content if that's how long it'll take.

This is in a perfect world where DE actually listens to feedback.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just to add to stealth I don't like that if a enemy is detected  other enemies are alerted. Other enemies should only be alerted if on enemy sees you and shoots at you and then other enemies hear it an be alerted, even if a melee enemy is alerted them attacking you should not alert surrounding enemies unless they make a noise.

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32 minutes ago, (PS4)Vexx757 said:

Just to add to stealth I don't like that if a enemy is detected  other enemies are alerted. Other enemies should only be alerted if on enemy sees you and shoots at you and then other enemies hear it an be alerted, even if a melee enemy is alerted them attacking you should not alert surrounding enemies unless they make a noise.

You ever think that they might have a radio?

Edit: probably shouldn't have made these 2 seperate posts. 

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23 hours ago, Drago55577 said:

You ever think that they might have a radio?

Edit: probably shouldn't have made these 2 seperate posts. 

If I had to choose making it make sense or fun I`d choose fun. Even if that is the case it`s not fun for stealth gameplay. ppl always talk about it making sense but I say if it`s not fun then frig it making sense.

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On 2020-02-28 at 10:47 AM, (XB1)PuzzledAlicorn7 said:

new sentient sentinels since we are in the viel Proximal where the codex says they are found 

after lotus sang her song in the erra quest many sentient energies went from blue to red such as the war Sword and the sentient cores in the quill room but broken war, Cetus wisps, shards and some others were over looked and haven’t changed colors 

1. Sentinels were stated to he found at the edge of the system, and I’ve heard nothing stating that the Veil Proxima was the place that Sentinels were discovered, besides it being a guess.

2. The War changed colors to red in the Gas City update / Jovian Concord, not the Erra Quest.

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What things should DE focus on this year?

  1. Continue fixing Railjack.
    • There are still many game-breaking bugs that pop up without cause, such as players suddenly being unable to use abilities, unable to equip omni, unable to enter the slingshot, etc.
    • Something needs to be done about mission queuing. Crews are getting dragged into missions by one person who doesn't ask before activating the nav console. At a bare minimum missions need to be voted on before they can activate. We already have this for the normal star chart: it shouldn't be hard to implement with Railjack.
    • Improve controller support for railjack. Right now some menus are unavailable on controller and buttons cannot be rebound to any function, only to a selection of functions.
  2. Step back and look at the game as a whole. Look at what the recent armor and status changes have done to various game modes and address them as required.
    • supposedly the armor and status changes, and the Infested buff, have made Defection an incredibly difficult game mode, especially with how buggy the ally AI is.
      • if the new difficulty level is considered acceptable, either move the Harrow Systems drop to somewhere else, or significantly increase the drop chance.
    • Certain weapons may not have received the appropriate effect of the changes, such as Phantasma. Phantasma has since been fixed, but only after it was brought to DE's attention by the community. DE needs to look over every weapon, arch-weapon, and sentinel weapon to make sure things are good.
  3. Start brainstorming a complete Nyx rework. If they have already started, make the ideas public or at least tell the community that they're looking into it. Poor Nyx needs some love and many feel like DE is just ignoring her.
  4. Take a look at single-source rewards and consider adding additional sources. Frames/Weapons are not considered here.
    • Coolant Raknoids are currently the only way to get the Wise Razor stance for Tatsu & Pennant, with only a 0.97% drop chance further diluted by a bunch of other mods we have tons of already, and it's locked behind a fight that is known to be incredibly buggy, sometimes bugging out to the point of impossibility. Wise Razor needs to drop from at least one more source. Given that Pennant is only available from Railjack, adding the stance mod to Railjack seems reasonable.

Overall, DE needs to focus on delivering a good gaming experience with as few bugs as possible, and squashing those bugs quickly when they appear.

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A consistant storyline, and make the enemies actually not just faceless lumps youre killing and forgetting. Like each boss has a planet right? Why arent the enemies in each plannet differently colored and their voice lines changed to reflect the boss? Seriously, id hate vor a lot more if his armys were fanatically supporting him and were all "for the captain! " or whatever voice line they thought was appropriate when they alert to you

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Bug fixes across the board should be always an ongoing thing.

Maybe make some of the infested additions from NW S2 permanent,meaning the new enemies that got added can be allowed to spawn along with other existing infested enemies during infestation missions.

Adding token systems to some elements of the game like sorties and ESO,which can be spent on shops for rewards.





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One thing DE need to do is to actually play their own game, only Pabalo has the bloody since to play, uncover the issues and try to solve them. Example; On the devstreams they noticed that nova`s 2 and bullets can`t pass through her 3 and added it in but if they played their own game common since would have told them to add this ages ago plus, this is something I suggested long before they came up with it.

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