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Expanding On Terror Totem's Concept


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Remember the idea? Maybe the name wasn't that great, but the idea for Nekos' 3rd ability was amazing. It would deploy a totem of terror that rises out of the ground. Any enemy X meters around it when cast would be stunned for the whole duration, while any enemy that enters the radius will cease fire and run away. What did this do? It essentially creates a zone around the totem that enemies couldn't enter, while acting as a stun as well.


Here's my idea. When the ability is cast, any enemy within 10 meters of the totem is stunned for the duration of the totem, not moving at all. Any enemy that moves within 20 meters of the totem while it is up will run away. Make two separate areas of effect with separate effects. Look:




Red = radius of totem. Enemies cannot enter this space, being pushed back + knocked down when they attempt to. Enemy repellant.


Blue = radius of stun. Enemies in this space are stunned until the totem disappears. This only really stuns enemies that are near the totem when it is placed, as enemies can't enter it due to the red space being all around it.


White = uhh... the totem itself.


Simple enough. I'm not sure about the radius of either ring or the duration of the totem, but keep it's cost at 75 energy and maybe it will be a more worthwhile save-my-&#! and feel similar to Snow Globe or Bastille in that it's a deployable item that effects enemies near it for X amount of time.


What are your thoughts? :3

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i thought it would be epic to summon this satanic black corrupt looking totem out of the floor from a black portal/pit like thing.



i was so f-ing psyched.


but to be honest i think they could just rename lame name "terrify" back to epic name "totem of terror" because Nekros could essentially be that totem for a bit. I also like that enemies run away from me rather then the totem.



still kinda want to see totem of terror because it would have been f-ing legit as f

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