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2020’s First Mainline: Review, Revise, Refresh.


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These changes will tremendously improve the health of the game for sure. I feel like this hits the mark pretty damn well. Some of the smallest things like the 90 Field of View are huge and dramatically change how players view gameplay. The Arcane Enhancement changes are also appealing. Sure, if I double stacked a specific Arcane before, I would be receiving a slight nerf, but the options and potential of the proposed changes look exciting and interesting to experiment with compared to the boring Arcane selection we have now. 

The 100x Restores are a great quality of life change that will surely make a more enjoyable foundry. I would also like to see this as well:

20 hours ago, Phillip said:

In addition to the other blueprints, can we get a 100x cipher blueprint?

The things not mentioned in the Devstream and Dev Workshop that I feel would also improve the health of Warframe as far as revisions go would be these topics as well:

Friendship Doors - These should be considered for removal from normal missions (you can keep them in Rescue or other special missions) as they are quite disruptive to the flow of gameplay. I understand they have been part of level design for years, but Railjack really showcased how counter-intuitive this mechanic is. Jupiter and the Sentient Ship are a great starting point for future tilesets, and I have high hopes for the Corpus Ship Remaster. Hopefully ancient relics of the past such as Corpus window decompression and Friendship Doors can finally be retired with Deception and Stamina to deliver a more fluent gameplay experience.

Stat Sticks, Abilities, and Exalted/Ability Weapons - The modding of abilities and ability weapons should be made consistent with the rest of modding so that players do not feel like they need a specific Jaw Sword/Mire/Burst Laser/etc. Riven Mod, Weapon augments or such to make full use of their Warframe abilities (Gara, Khora, Vaporize on Deth Cube, etc).

Modding - Mods as a whole need quality of life in some areas. Buffing values on underused ones to be a bit more interesting (like the upcoming changes to Status Chance Mods) and potentially reworking various mods over time would be awesome. There are still mods like Maiming Strike, Provoked, some Set Mods, some Archwing mods (Furor/Extend for example), old Augments such as Acrid, etc. that could use some love. This isn't much of a priority and can be tackled over time, but eventually looking at all the outdated mods would be a fresh look into our builds. Exilus Mods should also be examined as some such as Hawk Eye or Armored Agility really feel like they should be there.

  • A topic nobody really talks about is the existence of unreleased [PH] (placeholder) mods through transmutation. These mods were only available through transmutation throughout the years for very short periods of time. The standard procedure when these leak into the global build is a server side patch to transmutation and removing the ability to trade these. However, there is a substantial list that has grown over the years with examples such as: Split Flights (still waiting for Baro to bring this one), Fuze, MOAB, Combo Fury, Combo Killer, Mark of the Beast, Affinity Amp (removed), Sacrifice (released), Toxin Resistance (released), Looter (released), Resilient Focus, Frost Insulation, Fire Resistance, Laser Deflection, and Electrical Resistance. Obviously some of these mods aren't very good, but going through these mods and either removing them from player inventories or releasing them for others would be nice. I bring this up because like the re-introduction of Primed Chamber and Artax Riven Mods, availability for modding options should be consistently accessible in some fashion across all platforms and player inventories.

Nightwave Acts Length - Nightwave seasons are falling into the same dilemma Sorties did throughout 2016. The seasons go long overdue, and the backlog creates pressure for DE as well as burnout and boredom for players. I understand Nightwave is supposed to have rich storytelling, but would it be too much to ask that between these stories, we get consistent intermission lengths as well as unique rewards? There are loads of yet-to-be-re-released cosmetics and items from past years of this game that would be awesome in Nightwave Intermissions. Likewise, instead of making a 90 level cap Intermission II, splitting it into multiple separate Intermissions both with the same number of days in length would have brought consistency for Nightwave act length as well as more chances for Umbral Forma for active players. You can still develop rich story-telling Acts every couple months, but consistency for act length and intermission length would keep the system feeling fresh every segment while also still having large gaps between the story telling and unique rewards. I say all this in regards to the insane length of this current intermission that has gotten stale and the experience of someone who never missed out on a Sortie season. When the time strays far away from the initial time period (looking at you Karak Wraith from Sortie seasons 1 and 2), you get really bored with the current season and just want a new one. Multiple intermissions in a row with different rewards would be more enjoyable than half a year of the same intermission while waiting for a story from Nora Night.

Riven Dispositions - As time goes on and Prime Access releases alter Rivens, more players feel time has been devalued in some form (atleast from reading [DE]Connor's posts every 3 months. This is an inevitable battle in the current system, and it seems Rivens have fallen into a rabbit hole that hurts player investment and the feeling of the system. Riven disposition as a mechanic should be considered for removal and instead players see "Catchmoon" type change to weapons that are simply out of line (way too powerful), the reverse for weapons like Stug, as well as some better finalization being applied before launching weapons like Rubico Prime, Catchmoon, etc. No disposition would make pre-nerf Catchmoon less desireable (as the stats DE gathered proved), and no Disposition makes Stug worth your time right now. Balance is a tricky thing in this game, and it would be difficult to get right of course. Currently the state of Riven dispositions have unfortunately become a weapons balancing system of sorts by accident, and this sort of rocky road just won't be great for players and developers alike. The effort balancing Dispositions could be spent tweaking base damage and simple base stats on weapons to create a shifting meta and more interesting game that rewards those who try out many different weapons and invest in the hundreds of weapons the game has to offer.

Aura Mods - Aura Forma has allowed true freedom of Aura choice for invested players, but there still seems to be an overreaching shadow of a very small select Aura Mods that outshine the rest. This is very similar to the Arcanes problem being addressed by the proposed changes coming in the mainline, and it is a very important piece to a loadout. Currently many Auras are not worth using, and an overhaul of our current lineup to be more interesting to use would be awesome. An example I have in mind would be combining all the Scavenger Auras into a single Scavenger Aura that affects all ammunition types (Maybe including Arch-Guns as well to give it a niche upper-hand in Profit-Taker fights). Another example could be to change `Sprint Boost` into `Parkour Boost` that boosts parkour velocity rather than just sprint speed. Additionally, I believe there needs to be consistency on the bonus modding capacity. +8 (+16 polarized) seems like a good middle ground between +7 (+14 polarized) and +9 (+18 polarized). This would provide complete Aura freedom and no pressure to slot Steel Charge/Power Donation solely due to a capacity advantage towards things like Umbral Mods and other specific high drain builds.

Weapon Holster Speed - This is extremely small, but would have a large impact much like the Field of View changes. Increasing holster speed across the board would be a general quality of life improvement that would tremendously help the satisfaction of gun-play throughout the game. Mods that increase holster speed could be reworked or slightly changed to compensate for an increase across the board. I mention this as someone who uses Speed Holster in Profit-Taker fights due to most other Auras having little effect there, and the gun-play when I switch weapons feels much smoother in comparison to normal missions.

I also just wanted to note I am excited to dust off my Tonkor from 2016.

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i dont like seeing the 100x bp only taking 2 minutes to craft, it highly devalues our current restores. one of the whole points of making a 100x blueprint is that you dont have to sit in your foundry for hours to get a reasonable amount of pads. if the cost of pads is heavily reduced like that it will change the way we use pads in short missions since we can "just craft 100 more ez" and were back to the same problem of sitting in orbiter crafting pads for hours so we can fuel our need for energy


can we please get a fix to the hawk eye problem? Eagle eye is an exilus mod while hawk eye is not

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I feel like I've never said this before these changes actually all look good. Scaling changes make sense. Shield gating, self damage and status chance changes are good. Sentinel duplicate mods and grenade markers are very good as well, even if they're about half a decade overdo. 

The only thing that's a bit questionable is the balancing on the arcane changes, but it's going to nice overall regardless. A number of the arcanes still have bad conditions, like on finisher or parry. That and then the murmur changes are not really adressing the problem you still can't play properly with your friends.

And there's a typo in here, right?

4 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Arcane Aegis: 
On Rank 5: On Shield Damaged:

3% chance for +30% Shield Recharge for 12s.

Arcane Agility:
On Rank 5: on Damaged:

60% chance for +60% Shield Recharge for 18s.

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These small changes like shield-gating and the armor-health scaling rework should make Warframe a more fun game, thanks!


By the way, could you consider adding a "passive" to Chroma, so when he takes the new "self damage" vex armor activates, that way all warframe players could enjoy the changes to self-damage!

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Genuinely amazed you thought some of these changes were a good idea 

I understand the idea behind status becoming more unified with greater than 100% status being implemented but the current system of status for pellet based shotguns already provides a greater version of what you're suggesting making this a huge nerf.

With regards to arcanes increasing ranks on the dmg type resistances to allow for 100% is a fantastic idea. However when it comes to the grind unless the drop tables for eidolons become multiple arcanes at once this will be a huge increase in grind for new players and regardless of that will force existing vets to grind out the same arcanes they already own multiple sets of. The cooldown sounds like an excuse to nerf the more popular arcanes rather than establish a more diverse meta, as certain utility will always be more useful than other effects.

These changes seem to go directly against the statement that you want to maintain the power fantasy and follow the trend of the past 3 years of nerfing the meta rather than creating content to allow other builds to shine. 

I hope you revert these plans.


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