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🌎 =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING


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🌎 =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING

💻 Website: http://www.uwsgaming.com

Community Info

We are a rank 10 Storm Clan with 100% of the obtainable clan research completed. All of our members are always willing to help everyone. You might be needing a friendly and knowledgeable group of people to run with. If you're new then you might need helpful coaches and teachers to guide you successfully through the game. If this sounds like a clan you would like to be a part of, or need more information, feel free to PM me or add me in-game by the same name.If you want to jump right in Here's how to apply:

Go to our website and register here: https://forums.uwsgaming.com/register/

After that, check your email for confirmation and fill this out:


Then hop onto our Teamspeak and join the Warframe channel!

Community Highlights

⚠️ Advanced Activity Reward System:
💠 Our new system automatically tracks your activity (logging into Teamspeak/Forums, posting on forums, recruiting new players, joining our events) and gives you points based on them, displaying the highly active members while handing out Member of the Month to actual deserving members without any brown nosing interference.

⚠️ No Silly Military Ranks:
💠 MR's are so outdated, too many communities use them and we feel you deserve more than having a high military ranked Teenager bark orders at you. We have 3 types of memberships which you obtain via our new KUDOS system.

⚠️ Play First, Join Later!:
💠 Our Teamspeak is open to the public, we allow players to play with us first and if you enjoy the community you are more than welcome to fill out a short application.

⚠️ No Silly Interviews to Join:
💠 Simply Register on Website and click Join Us at the top, this isn't a job it's just a game to enjoy for fun and escape our good/bad daily lives, you will be accepted as a Trial for 2 weeks to ensure you like us (and we like you).

⚠️ Never Get Booted for Inactivity:
💠 We never force members to attend meetings/events or risk being removed, be it a week/month/year you'll always remain as a member, real life always comes first with us so take your time and play when it's convenient for you and not for us.

We also play the following games:

▶️ Battlefield V
▶️ Call of Duty
▶️ DayZ Standalone
▶️ Escape From Tarkov
▶️ Rainbow Six: Siege
▶️ Star Citizen
▶️ Atlas
▶️ Apex Legends
▶️ Rainbow Six | Siege
▶️ Heroes and Generals
▶️ Warframe
▶️ ArmA 3

As a reminder
🔰 Our community stands 15+ years strong against hacking/glitching/item duping 🔰

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