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Poetic Liches


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I want to first say that I doubt I am the only one to have thought about this for kuva Liches. I doubt this idea is unique in many aspects. That said, I just want to put in my 2 cents, because I think that I am not the only one who thinks lich game-play is extremely repetitive and becomes boring very fast.


Having defeated 9 liches currently, I can attest that in their current state, the process of farming a kuva lich is pretty boring. You run a bunch of murmur missions, farm some requiem mods, and run a few more missions to get it to spawn so you can stab it and be sad you didn't get it right. I think this has it's place, and for those who enjoy mindless grinding it should stay. What I think should change is there should be another way to figure out the requiems, and that is the poetry included with each requiem mod.

Each requiem mod has 2 lines of what appears to be poetry, all with different meanings. I propose that based on the lines a lich delivers (upon spawning, upon loading into the game, upon fighting it, upon it taxing you) you should be able to figure out it's requiem based on how those lines correlate to the poetry on requiem mods.A lich who just wants to see the world burn would have xata (Its heralds are the stars it fells, the sky and earth aflame). A know it all lich would have Vome (To cosmic madness laws submit, though stalwart minds entreat) and so on. The lines would probably be more cryptic than what they are now, and the way they say things would have to be a little deeper, but I think it could totally revitalize lich game-play.

If this were the case, I think the number of requiem mods (and relics) would have to be doubled to prevent it from being too easy to guess, because the idea behind this is to not trivialize liches, but to add more interesting game-play options for them. 

In the end though, I am neither a game designer nor a poet, so it's entirely possible these words mean nothing, but for me anything to make lich game-play more interesting is a step in the right direction.

Looking forward to people telling me how this will never work (please be kind :D).

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