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Steam input on Warframe Linux



This problem will probably be complicated and difficult. 

So I am trying to get away from Windows.

I use Manjaro, based on Arch Linux. 

I am quite high MR on warframe, 24 iirc. 

There's only one problem. I can't play it cause steam overlay and the official config doesn't work. 

I play warframe with a controller, dont need to hear about mouse/kb. 

Other stuff work perfectly, it's just yeah. Getting the full config working and switching correctly. 

Warframe uses action layers, launcher has one layer, ingame gunplay has another, melee, menu etc. 

If this doesn't work playing is very much a pain. 

For me warframe is stuck with launcher config. Always, any ideas on how I might fix this? 

I've got wf correctly installed, using proton GE last version. It works the best. Normal proton can't really even run wf on Linux. 

Steam overlay itself seems to work, I can change bindings etc, just that yeah the layer switching doesn't. 

Thank you for reading.


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Ah a fellow controller user fun fact unless you play using a steam controller I a fix for you in steam big picture mode controller setting disable all controller support and steam overlay this will make so it uses in game controller support that should not only fix your troubles but give you a boost in fps hope this helps


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1 hour ago, Preceptus said:

I do use steam controller. 

I really want to use steam input actually, not disable all the overlay, then I can't change the inputs and use all the complicated modeshifts and features steam overlay has for controllers. 

i am sorry but the best i can say then is find a config that works best for you the recommended dev controller config on steam big picture mode has not been updated in years last i checked i am sorry i cant help much more then that good luck to you

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