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Armor and Shield Scaling


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This is my first post, so if I'm in violation of any rules I'm not aware of, please let me know.

Now, to the topic. The changes to Armor and Shields mentioned in the Devstream #139 look like a step in the right direction. We're getting:

  • Reduced Enemy Scaling past level 75.
  • Shield-gating.
  • Reduced Shield Recharge Delay for partial Shields.
  • Slash Damage no longer bypassing Shields.

However, I'm still worried, especially about Shields. They haven't yet mentioned anything about the effectiveness of Shield-gating scaling with Shields. Currently, almost nothing scales with Shields, not Armor, not Health, not even Overshield Capacity. Shield Recharge mods don't even reduce the Shield Recharge Delay.

I think Armor and Shields still have a long way to go. Here are some things I've come up with to address my personal gripes:

  • Let Armor affect Shields. This benefits stuff with high Armor and Shields but low Health.
  • Add a short buff after the Shield Gate activates that lasts until Shields starting recharging again. This buff accumulates all the damage that was taken to Shields (up to Maximum Shields) since the Shield Gate last activated and adds it to Armor. (On enemies, this buff can be bypassed by attacking Shield-gate weakspots.) This benefits stuff with high Health and Shields, but low Armor.
  • Let Shield Recharge mods reduce the Shield Recharge Delay for partial Shields as follows: Recharge Delay = Base Recharge Delay * 100% / (100% + Recharge Bonus).
  • Let Overshield Capacity scale with Maximum Shields, so there is reason to mod for Maximum Shields for Warframes that can generate Overshields.
  • Let Overshields decay over time, and let the decay rate be slowed by Shield Recharge mods and higher Overshield Capacity, so there is reason to mod for these things for Warframes that can generate Overshields.
  • Let Armor's Damage Reduction = Armor / (Damage + Armor). This gives a sort of armor-piercing effect to high damage weapons, so Slash procs and Armor strip aren't the only solutions to eHP bloat caused by high Armor.
  • Remove Armor Class Damage Type modifiers. Currently, there is no reason to not mod for Corrosive/Radiation against Armored enemies unless you make the mistake of completely stripping Armor. Health Class Damage Type modifiers just aren't worth it.

Let me know what you think.

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