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Arcane shards


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So with the new devstream out and when talking with other people i had a thought "I dont like eidolons so why cant we add a new system to get them, like riven shards" so why cant we have something similar to that with arcanes.

So here is my thought process, in order to get a max arcane with the proposed changes is 21 for a rank 5. Well first we cut it down from a week cooldown (from riven shards) to daily reset so its easy to remember and consistent.

Second, well unlike rivens there are "quality" of arcanes and they do indeed have different worth from ther effects. So here is my way to assurge the doubts that its a flat cost for all. Simply do multiples of 5. For example bronze is 5, silver 10, 15 gold and 20 for plat. And remember thats per day.

Now upon writing this I came to a realisation thats alot of shards per day to roll on a chance on getting the arcane they want. So lets make it better, that list above is for the random chance. Lets double that for a pick of what you want. Seems fair to me, you pay to skip the rolling but you have to really really grind them out.

Now where to put these shards, hmmm maybe make requim relics have a variation of the silver reward sorather then a riven shrad its a arcane one.


Just a random thought and a way for those that dont like eidolons to work at getting some stuff without doing them.

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