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On 2020-02-29 at 7:14 PM, (PS4)chris1pat8twins said:

Next up. Chroma Vex Armor rework to not require self damage. Maybe press and hold to channel shield and health into vex armor?ย 

Combine elemental ward + vex armor (elemental armor? vex ward?)

2 now cycles through elements. Tap to change. Will also change chroma's appearance (colour chosen in arsenal)

Along with armor and damage buffs, vex armor will also grant bonuses depending on current element:

electricity: increased shields + % bonus electricity damage on weapon

toxin: increases DOT damage (slash gas etc) by x% + % bonus toxin damage on weapon

heat: increased health + % bonus heat damage on weapon

cold: increased armor + % bonus cold damage on weapon

Hold 3 to charge. Tap to unleash radial blast of chosen element in the form of:

electricity: lighting storm around chroma for x seconds

toxin: toxin cloud surrounding chroma in a 10m radius (scales with range) for x seconds

heat: firequakes for x secondsย 

cold: slow aura in x radius for x seconds. enemies who stay in range for 0.75s become frozen and take 100% more damage.

All damage scales with vex armor buff and power strength.

Can be recast and refreshes duration upon switching elements. Elemental auras and buffs will persist when elements are swapped, but will stop upon recast. (eg firequake > switch to electricity > firequake will persist, until it is recast, which then it will change to lightning storm)


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