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Chroma Rework


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Someone told me to post my rework ideas here, so that's what I'm doing. I hope nobody minds, since the last Chroma Rework Proposal was one and a half weeks ago.

Anyways, I've been mulling over different ideas for a Chroma rework for a while. This is what I came up with:

With the removal of self-damage and the implementation of the Shield Gate, building up Vex Armor is going to be a lot harder. So, let's replace Vex Armor with a new ability: Dragonrage. This ability is a toggle that costs no energy, but instead drains Health and Shields. It engulfs Chroma and all enemies around him in fire (or cold, electricity, or toxin), dealing elemental damage over time to himself and nearby enemies proportional to Chroma's maximum Health and Shields. Ability Strength increases the damage enemies take, but does not increase the damage Chroma takes. Ability Efficiency reduces the damage Chroma takes, but does not reduce the damage enemies take. This ability also increases the damage of Chroma's other abilities and adds elemental damage to his weapons and weapons of allies within range. Think Righteous Fire from Path of Exile.

That leaves Chroma with one tanking ability, Elemental Ward. So let's buff it, as well as emphasize its existing sadomasochistic gimmicks. Each element provides an additional benefit in addition to existing bonuses (Heat heals Health, Cold prevents Status, Electricity Recharges Shields, Toxin increases Evasion). Heat and Toxin no longer project an aura of elemental damage, because that's Dragonrage's gimmick now. So instead, Heat and Toxin create elemental explosions every time Chroma is attacked, kind of like Cold and Electricity. This ability should synergize well with Dragonrage to create a nuclear dragon kamikaze.

Spectral Scream just needs a range and damage buff. Let its range scale linearly with Ability Strength, rather than taking a cube-root like it is now. Also, let its damage scale with enemy level, like Vauban's Photon Strike.

Effigy is hot garbage and in need of love. Remove the energy upkeep and let it be a cheap summonable companion like Khora's Venari or Wukong's Celestial Twin. Tap the ability key to toggle whether it follows Chroma around or stands guard at a location. Let its Health/Armor/Shields scale with Chroma's, and let its damage scale like what I suggested for Spectral Scream. Let Chroma's Elemental Ward and Dragonrage also affect and project from the Effigy. Finally, hold the ability key to recall Effigy and sprout wings like a badass king of dragons. While in winged form, Chroma can fly and has Damage Reduction and increased Ability Range. However, this Winged Form does have a high energy upkeep.

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I will agree that I find Chroma to be lackluster and needs a rework. A proper one, regardless of self damage changes.

However, let's call it by what it is. Vex Armor hasn't changed at all, just the "fire weapon for instant max output" aspect of it. Go look to other such abilities where you must meet certain requirements in order properly use them, such as Baruuk's 4th, and you'll see that Chroma is just being normalized rather than nerfed. You can't use self-damage to insta-fill Vex Armor any more than you can do so in order to empty the meter on Desolate Hands. Or post-link nerf Trin. Or Amesha's current "hit a rock for energy" life hack.

There's many things I am not particularly liking in this upcoming rework update but so far I haven't seen anything that I can't live without or anything that I can really formulate a proper opinion on without trying it put personally. Chroma and the self damage nerf is by far not a concern of mine regarding the update, since his problems are more about his tool-kit in general rather than 1 ability.

Regarding these suggestions I must say, I'd rather have them over current chroma. He needs to come into modern Warframe. He needs more synergy and utility in his abilities.

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