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Humble request for Vauban's Tether


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Hi DE,

Is it possible for Vauban's tether color to be customizable?
I'd like to do a light show on Hydron but it only comes in blue....

Something like how Revenant has dance macabre color set to his energy color, but for tether lines. 


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The ability is just buggy and not very usable in it's current state. 99% of the time enemies get stuck on terrain making it a game of "is that a dead body or a stuck enemy?" Then you add in the whole visual after effect which lingers long after enemies are dead adding to the visual clutter on screen and more confusion for the player. This is my purposed change to make it a viable ability for Vauban.

Tether Coil while a great idea on paper in game falls short of what I feel is it's intended purpose. In game tether coil is a bit of a glitchy mess, from visual bugs to not having the strength to actually pull targets to it's tether point, worse yet enemies tend to get stuck on nearly anything that does not have clear line of sight to it's tether point. Another issue is not being able to see what enemies are dead bodies and what enemies are simply pinned to the floor / wall.

Fix: Tether coil pulls enemies back to where it is deployed seeking new enemies or keeping the same enemies in place by rag-dolling them each time tether attaches to them on a short cool-down. "tether coil seeks a target, pulls it in to it's deployed point, releasing the target rag-dolling the target and this process repeats" This would allow you to use tether coil to pull enemies into your bastile / vortex / traps for effective cc.

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On 2020-02-29 at 5:10 PM, PotatoJias said:

adding 50 armor is hardly a "tweak" sadly 😞

It's 100 (from 100 to 200) but yes, I'd prefer a longer buff duration to his armor buff from Bastille (like 30 seconds)

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5 hours ago, PotatoJias said:

Oh it's 100? my mistake thanks for letting me know.

200 isn't that great, but it's something, makes you consider an Umbra build : with 3 Umbra mods, Vauban gets 1070 HP and about 600 armor, which is about 66% DR, so that gives him about 3000 EHP (not considering shields).

If you stay inside Bastille (or spam it), that can make you pretty resilient (1600 armor in total), especially if you stick Adaptation on him.

So it's not great by itself, but combined with Bastille, you can take a decent amount of damage


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