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Kuva larvlings will not spawn on specific mission types


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I've found this to be a bug for the longest time. In order to spawn a kuva larvling, you have to kill at least 10 enemies in under 1 minute. The only problem is that I have tested this with a bunch of missions in solo and no lich will spawn after a yellow flicker even if I kill 35 enemies in 45 seconds.


This is a pic of me on solo Selkie. Flicker starts 30s in and I kill 28 enemies in 40 seconds. Nothing happens. I went through the planets and tested very thoroughly, and can confirm the same is true for the following nodes:

- Selkie
- Charybdis
- Berehynia
- Hydron
- Marid

- Rhea
- Telesto
- Titan
- Helene

- Umbriel (yes, the flicker happens here because it is a "normal" mission, spawning a lich here would be cool af)

What is the similarity between all of these nodes? Well, I consistently found that all Interception, Survival, Hijack, Mobile Defense, and Defense nodes will not actually spawn liches after the yellow flicker. As far as I can tell, all Sabotage, Disruption, Rescue, Capture, Spy, Assassination (Tethys), and Extermination nodes work just fine.

An interesting note is that if you kill all the required enemies for the larvling to spawn on Tethys, but you are too close to Sargus Ruk's room, it will fail to spawn as well.

DE this is prone to cause a lot of frustration, and I want my lich from Uranus pls so pls fix.

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