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Nezha can't heavy attack while chakram is in flight


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After using Nezha's Blazing Chakram ability, he is unable to use a ground heavy attack or a heavy slam (jump + heavy attack) until after the chakram has returned. 

He can still use normal slam attack while the chakram is in flight. 

It happens with both the regular bouncing throw and the charged throw. 

It does not appear to be tied to the type of melee weapon, as it's happened with every melee class I've tried (which was about half of the available types).

It does not appear to be tied to control setup in any way either, as I tried with both the default setup and custom controls and heavy slams didn't work with either.

It still occurs even when using the melee lock (from holding weapon swap).

When paired with Nezha's ultimate Divine Spears, you still can't heavy slam until at least 1 chakram has returned (i.e. it has reappeared on nezha's back).

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updated to include all heavy attacks, not just heavy slams
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