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Introduce all the overhalls as lore?


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After playing for like 2 yrs and going thorugh all the changes i think there should be a reason in the game lore for the reworks, bug fixes.

I think there should have been an upgrade quest or cutscene or something for the sudden change to orbiter ship and the parazon knife after a yr of playing (i dont remember whether there was a message from ordis for this change, it was there after patch)

It would be really cool if DE did something similar to that of Final Fantasy reset like destroying the world with a meteor and fixing the game.

Or like how the CW tv series, the Arrow verse, where after infinite crisis they retconned somethings and introduces new thing as they see fit. Some key character know about the changes

Much like that DE can use the void as a reason for the sudden changes (reworks, bug fixes, etc) like currently have Prime Access items from the void in regular intervals

i think it would be cool to have a multiverse theory in warframe, which the Duviri Paradox points to. Just introduce or use an existing npc to an unchanging point or something to remind us about the past iterations of the game.

So, i ask the community what do u think of this idea?

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Well, to take your example of the parazon, I wouldn't have wanted a new quest to introduce it, and I'd be neutral to having a message from Ordis about a new hacking tool, which would be a bit too fourth-wall-breaking to really help me think of it as a natural addition rather than a retcon we're all pretending was always there. I would have liked a quest to introduce the liches and requiem mods and explain what any of that meant in a lore context, but I'd be missing that just as much if I'd just started playing today.

When messages from Ordis have been used for these things, like the one that came with a pile of forma for the melee update, it's very tongue in cheek and comfortable with leaning a bit on the fourth wall and possibly tacking up a poster while it's there. 

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