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Buffing Status means Nothing if Everything is going to be Status Immune anyway


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[Yes, Another thread on Status Immunity]

I appreciate that DE is reworking Status and making 100%+ SC meaningful. But... that still isn't going to solve the dominance of Crit weapons over Status weapons.  

The problem remains that Crit works against (almost) everything. Status doesn't.  

Status weapons and builds are not Underpowered, they never have any problem dealing with normal mobs (when it actually applies).

But so many enemy types are immune to status effects nowadays. Basically all the relevant ones. Large bosses (Eidolons), Liches etc. And now, a whole new faction, Sentinents, are going to be status immune (judging from what we have seen so far).   

Applying double the status is meaningless if they don't apply in the first place. 0 x 2 = 0.  

The only thing status effects are really good for is peeling armor off late game mobs.  With armor scaling nerfed, status will be even less relevant. So people will still be defaulting back to crit weapons even more now.   

Status immunity needs to be reevaluated. Like, I understand that some status are broken and trivialize the game (slash, corrosive, heat, viral). DE want certain types of enemies to be more challenging.  But making status effects useless in most situations is not the way. 

I'm not asking to be able to stun lock enemies, I just want status to be more relevant in any way, no matter how minuscule. 


A suggestion: Add damage component to every Status proc that cannot be immuned to. 

Like Electric for example. What if proc deals extra damage but doesn't stun (status immuned) enemies.  

And Heat will apply the DoT (Damage over Time) effects, but doesn't reduce armor (of status immuned enemies).  

Impact, Blast and Puncture and Magnetic deals instant extra damage on proc.  

Corrosive, Radiation, Cold, Viral apply DoTs.  

Gas and Slash simply deal reduced damage on status immuned enemies.  


This way, even if the status effect does not apply, you still get extra damage.  

Of course, preferably scales off base damage (additive damage) because the last thing we need is another damage multiplier in the game.  



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13 minutes ago, Aadi880 said:

Watch DE make crit immune enemies...

I mean Lephantis already has a mechanic that puts a cap on the amount of damage you can deal to it in one shot.

Edit: By cap I mean set percentage of weapon damage according to Wiki comments.

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I completely agree, we need to get rid of Status immunity. Give bosses Status resistance (reduced Status duration or effect) and Status cleanses between phases. Or do what Path of Exile does, make non-Damaging Status Effects scale with damage as a proportion of Maximum Health. If we deal 10% of a boss's Health in Impact damage in the span of a few seconds, give us a change to stagger it. If we deal 10% in Cold damage, let us slow it for 10% for a few seconds or 50% for just one second. Status Chance can act as a modifier on the amount of damage that must be done to apply a certain magnitude of Status.

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I think the biggest part that hurts about status immunity is that it is almost invariably given to enemies with big fat healthbars and other defenses, putting them in the class of enemies that one would want sustained damage and DoT effects.  I think the suggestion about only making them immune to the disabling effects is the most on-point. Sure, whatever, I don't want to stunlock the big-bad and turn them into a joke, that's fine.

For the DoT damage aspect of status procs to matter more, procs be sustainable and stackable. Perhaps with limits, but if they don't stack then it might feel better to have everyone in-party hit every damage type instead of building against the enemy in particular and that doesn't really jive with the way defenses work as-is.

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