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[200 members!] [Global] [All platforms] Schutzengel Warframe Discord


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Schutzengel Warframe is a general Warframe Discord server targeted towards a more mature Warframe audience of any region and any platform. As such, we explicitly allow and support memes, dark humor, real life- and political talk in the appropriate channels and do not restrain our members with overly harsh, unnecessary rules. My vision was to create a Warframe Discord where players can freely exchange without arbitrary, unreasonable chat restrictions. Bear in mind, however, that as a Discord server, we are ablidged to follow the Discord rules and ToS. 



  • Giveaways for all platforms!
  • We support every platform! Ping roles for every platform and every important aspect of Warframe, be it alerts, invasions or the newly added sentient anomalies! Platform-specific trading and recruitment chats!
  • Progress through leveled roles, rewarding chat activity with ever expanding features!
  • Handwritten guides for Warframe updates!
  • Become part the community, lead the way! Strong focus on you, as the community, you decide where the server goes!

Interested? Check us out!
Click here to join today!

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