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"The Sacrifice" quest, glitch/bug.


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"After fighting Umbra on Neptune, and going to the Cinematic with Ballas and Issah, I am unable to place black pieces on the board game with Ballas. After restarting the mission 16 hours later, Again beating Umbra and going to the Cinematic, I was able to place two black pieces on the board game with Ballas. When prompted to look at the musical instrument by Issah, I could not continue to place anymore pieces on the board game when prompted by Ballas. All I can do is look around at the room. Cannot progress. This is happened twice now."

I'm having the exact same problem as reported above. I've restarted my game 4 times, played the mission with 3 different warframes, and the same bug occurred. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I can't seem to progress through the quest past this point.


*Fixed* restarted again, this time it worked. still not sure what the issue was but now it's fixed.

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