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Downgrading mods


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Yeserday, in the dev stream, the devs proposed a change on how mods can be shared between warframe's weapons and sentiel's weapons.
That a really good thing, allowing less stupid inventory management.

But there is an other elephant hiding in a corner. Give us the ability to downgrade our mods to fit in any build without having to keep duplicates.
This ability would allow player to precisely tweak stats when building.

Imagine :
- Harrow will be able to get the exact time he want on his 4th ability if he tweak his corruted mods.
- Umbra mobs would be easily fit in any build if downgraded.
- "Come on, i just need one more capacity point on this weapon to fit this mod i want" -> just scroll this mod level down and you'r good to go.



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On 2020-02-29 at 1:24 PM, elipxix said:

But there is an other elephant hiding in a corner.

In this metaphorical universe, the elephant was dissected on live television by DE. It isn't hiding, DE has repeatedly explained why this isn't the case and why it won't happen soon or possibly ever.

You not being aware of something is not DE hiding it.

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