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[CLAN][INT][PC]8Bit Legends is recruiting for new players who love to play the game in a group environment and socialize with other people


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At 8Bit Legends we are looking for players (new to the game or vets) who prefer to play with others in a group. We are a small social, casual and international clan (Storm Rank) who recently upgraded their clan tier and are now looking for new members of mature age (18+) with ANY MR level who love to be social and enjoy the game together in a casual manner while playing with their fellow Tenno.

What we offer:

*Active Discord with people who know a lot about this game!

*New player friendly. Everyone is welcome!

*No Inactivity bans!

*No requirement of contributing resources to the Clan Dojo

*We are just a casual clan, not hardcore or specialized in one specific activity in Warframe.

*All research done (excluding Ignis Wraith, BUT including the Hema)

*Dry dock available as well as some Railjacks ready to head out!

*We also run other games as part of our large Discord community.

*Semi-Regular giveaways, both small and large in terms of platinum value

If you have any questions or want to join us, feel free to send me a DM or join our Discord at the link bellow:


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