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Looking for an active clan


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2 hours ago, Yiishi said:

Hey, I'm looking for an active storm/mountain clan, preferably MR10/15+ and EU/INT based.

I'm MR 27 myself with 700ish hours played.

Send me a message/leave reply



Hi Yiishi, I encourage you to check out our clan, Eternal Aegis.

  • Here are our clan and alliance emblems: https://imgur.com/a/n5Zkn47
  • Our inactivity policies are always maintained at 7-20 days (depending on clan rank), and we are always at 295+/300 members.
  • Our MR requirement is MR 15+ for new recruits.
  • We are INT, and our membership is approximately 50% EU and 50% NA.

For more info on our clan, you can PM me or read about it here:


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